Simcity Social Sneak Peak: Halloween Updates

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For celebrating the Halloween, a spooky buidling which is called Haunted House will be released by Simcity Social.

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Old Hallows Eve is merely just around the bend, and just like any festivities of the year, "SimCity Social" is also cooking something for this year's Halloween celebration. The game just recently leaked something spooky for all virtual mayors of SCS. With this picture, it is very clear that all mayors are set for a spooky 14 days when the Halloween themed event will hit the game any time soon, it is seemed that it would happen around Monday October 22 or next week and may probably last for 14 days and yes this will still be confirmed by SCS.

Simcity Social Halloween Updates

At the moment just feat your eyes with this Haunted House unit which is said to be one of the featured items in the upcoming Halloween update of the game. It is still no know that this unit is still the same Haunted House which is already listed the current item shop of the game or perhaps this it is the same unit but with better stats of effect this time around.

So for all eager mayors, expect one spooky event this time and expect Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Ghouls, Ghost, Goblins, Zombies and everything that bumps in the darkness of night. So far these are just the things will to be part of the upcoming update which is in line with your celebration of Halloween. More of which will be updated as soon the game will announce (or perhaps after the current Work Hard quest arch ends) the update any time soon.

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