Simcity Social: Collect Diamonds Daily with Diamond Vault

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Diamond Mines have arrived in Simcity Social, and you can get the Diamond Mine to earn up to 15 Diamonds every day.

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Now this is really great for every one playing SimCity Social. The game is finally giving every virtual mayor in the game to have a steady supply of those precious Diamonds (the games' official shop currency) for a lifetime. The game which is currently doing their current themed event for the Halloween has added two premium items which is relatively expensive but will surely benefit any player in the long run, these items a like a long term investment for anyone who is really into the game.

Simcity Social Diamon Mines

Virtual mayors are now enticed to save up their Diamonds and spend it on two types of factories that will generate 10 Diamonds a day (max) for the Small Diamond Vault (2×2) @ 180 Diamonds at the shop, and the Large Diamond Vault (3×3) which could generate 15 Diamonds a day (max) and would fetch 360 Diamonds or around $50. Although the vaults generate a random numbers of Diamonds a day (between 1-15), this guarantees that anyone having these vaults would not have a day "Diamond-less". Anyone can only buy "one "of each two vaults.

But taking consideration that it would take $50 out from your pockets for the Large Vault and around $30 for the small one. Still having a steady supply of Diamonds every day (numbers at random though) would be beneficial for you in the long run since you don't have to spend anymore buck just to buy Diamonds in the game, all you have to do is patiently save all those generated Diamonds by your vaults and spend it on items that you are saving it up for, now isn't that a great deal? But be warned though, the diamond vaults offer is up on to a limited time only so better decide now and have your chance to get free Diamonds every time you log-on into the game every day.

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