Zynga Revealed Thrones of Avalon on Facebook?

Date: Nov 11 2012 22:28:59 Source: CE Gamers Views:
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Zynga revealed its next facebook game: Thrones of Avalon - Survival Unites, Greed divides, how will you guide your kingdom?

By Brandy Shaul From

If you're a fan of more than one of Zynga's games on Facebook, you're likely familiar with the bar that runs across the top of each game's page, offering quick links to other Zynga games that you've played. Normally, this bar is completely ignorable, as you've likely already bookmarked your favorite Facebook games and wouldn't need to look up to this bar to switch between them, but as the folks at CEGamers have discovered, sometimes that bar is definitely worth looking at.

Thrones of Avalon

While it looks to have been removed now, earlier today, the Bubble Safari game logo in this "zBar" was replaced with an icon for something called "Thrones of Avalon," including a suit of impressive armor, as you can see below. Clicking on the 25 icon in the top right sent gamers to Bubble Safari, but clicking on the image itself brought up the image at the top of this post, which appears to be a preview image for this supposed Thrones of Avalon Facebook game.

Thrones of Avalon

Whatever the case, this is definitely an interesting bit of news, Stay tuned for more.



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