Simcity Social: New Wheel Spin Mini Game to Replace Daily Rewards

Date: Nov 12 2012 19:35:05 Source: Simcity Social Fansite Views:
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Daily Rewards will be placed by a new Wheel Spin Mini Game which called "Wheel Spin" on around Wednesday 21st November.

By AdminTel From Simcity Social Fansite

There have been many complaints about the New Daily Play Rewards Upsetting Players since it was changed back at the beginning of September when the rewards for playing daily changed from just Simoleons, Materials, Energy and Diamonds to the addition of common Ingredients and Decorations. Since then you've had to make so with this current system and although it's not that bad there has been many discussions that it could be improved.

Simcity Social New Wheel Spin Mini Game

Playfish have spoken out about a new Daily Bonus overhaul and that the current system will be removed to make way for a new Mini Game version called 'Wheel Spin' that will give players the opportunity to spin a wheel in order to receive gifts. Again this method will be random so not much will change apart from aesthetics but where the changes can be noticed is that you could get more than one spin per day. Playfish revealed:

'The first spin of the day is free, additional spins will cost Diamonds and may be earned through game play. Each time a spin is dropped through gameplay, the background will darken and the item will flash as it flights to the upper left spin icon. The players hit "crank" it to spin the wheel. There are 3 columns that spin at variable speeds with buildings, collectivle icons, and currency icons just visible. After the spin, the wheels will stop and a reward will be shown.'

Although Playfish have come out and announced this new feature for SimCity Social, they have not confirmed when it will be released but it will drop into your favourite online Facebook game when the new theme arrives on around Wednesday 21st November but this is still to be confirmed.

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