Play with or Against Your Friends in DragonBound

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DragonBound is a new Facebook game from Zotata. In the game, you lay with or against your friends from your browser anywhere for free. Shop for items to make you stronger. Unlock hidden characters, new modes, challenges.

By Pete Davision From Inside Social Games

Two teams of up to four players each take it in turns to move their character and then fire one of several physics-based weapons at their opponents by setting an angle and power. DragonBound is built in HTML5 rather than Flash, Unity or a proprietary engine.


If the attack connects with another character, they take damage according to the power of the weapon and how accurately the shot hit them. Players receive in-game currency rewards for particularly impressive shots from long range or at awkward angles.


Players have two main weapons available to them at all times and one special weapon which may only be triggered once per match. All must be fired accurately using either the "slice" system or the "drag" system. Before the match begins, the player is also able to choose three items to take with them into the game — at the time of writing, these include "Dual," which allows two shots to be fired in a single turn, or "Teleport," which allows the player to immediately change their location to wherever they land a shot.

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