Simcity Social: Spin City

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The Spin City slot machine has launched in Simcity Social, you can try it as a leisure.

By Brandy Shaul From

Las Vegas has come to SimCity Social via the launch of the Spin City slot machine, a set of three reels that can be spun once per day for a chance at great prizes.

Simcity Spin City

Once very 24 hours, players are allowed to spin the wheels, and for a few seconds after that, they can spend Diamonds to boost their potential prizes as the wheels spin. One Diamond earns a basic "Boost!," while two Diamonds is enough to purchase a "Super Boost!" From there, players can purchase one final "MEGA-Boost!" for 3 Diamonds, again, with each boost increasing a player's likelihood of receiving the best prizes from their daily spin. After your free spins, you can spend Diamonds to spin the wheels again to earn more prizes.

Simcity Spin City

If you're lucky enough to win, you can win prizes ranging from bundles of 1,000 Materials to 20,000 Materials, Eiffel Towers and other structures for your city, bundles of three to 30 energy bolts, Simoleons, Diamonds and more. Since the buildings you can win would otherwise be available to purchase with Diamonds, your free daily spin is a great way to potentially earn these items without losing any money out of your real world bank account. Sure, you'd have to get pretty lucky to win some of Spin City's best items, but you can't win if you never try! Good luck!

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