Simcity Social: Lady Of Glory Statue

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The Lady Of Glory Statue is a 60% discount of 120 Diamonds instead of its usual price of 300 Diamonds in Simcity Social.

By AdminTel From Simcity Social Fansite

There is a brand new Limited Edition premium decoration available in SimCity Social right now for anyone who has a huge balance of unspent Diamonds in their account and it could very well be worth purchasing as it's the second highest populating decoration in the game and the first ever item to have Range above 5.

Simcity Social Lady Of Glory Statue

The Lady Of Glory Statue is available to purchase now via the new icon located towards the right hand side of your SimCity Social game screen for a 60% discount of 120 Diamonds instead of its usual price of 300 Diamonds.

The Lady Of Glory Statue has a Population boost of +120 and +6 Range and has a footprint of 3x3. It is also rather large in height being just shorter than the Giant Robot Factory. So you really do get the bang for your buck if you manage to pick it up whilst it's on Sale.

The only other decoration with a higher Population boost is the other very expensive 299 Diamonds Capitalism that has a slightly higher +150 Population boost but only over +5 Range.

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