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It seems that you can explore other lands by boats in Simcity Social, and these Boats may be another way to gather Materials and Simoleons by sending them out on periodic trips to sea.

By AdminTel From Simcity Social Fansite

SimCity Social has just released a teaser for what's to come to your favourite online Facebook game hopefully in the next update which we expect within the next couple of days and looks to be an amazing one at that.

Simcity Social Boat

What is there to do when you don't have any more free land in your SimCity? That's right, take things to the water! In this sneaky teaser you can see what you believe to be a small fishing boat followed by an even smaller boat towards the bottom of the image.

These Boats will be another way to gather Materials and Simoleons by sending them out on periodic trips to sea, possibly in the same manner as the University in which you set the amount of time at sea and then make sure you're back logged into SimCity Social for its arrival back to the port to collect your Simoleons, Materials and maybe even new rare Ingredients.

There are no further hints as to what other boats will feature in the update aside from fishing boats. Maybe public transport to travel your residents from island to island? Oil boats and Oil rigs? Which leads us to the question of what the new mystery building is towards the bottom right of the teaser image? It certainly doesn't look like an Oil Rig but could it be a Lighthouse? A lost City of Atlantis? A Port Tower?

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