ChefVille: Bring on the Christmas Cheer

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We all do not know that what will ChefVille bring us about the Chrismas. May what you think of can come out?

By Brandy Shaul From

For all of the complaints as ChefVille players can make about Zynga's lovely cooking game, there's still an undeniable charm and addictive quality that keeps you going (and apparently millions of other players). Sure, earning Ribbons instead of Mastery Stars can be annoying at times, as it makes you question the value of your time within the game (that is, the time that you spend earning unnecessary Ribbons could be spent earning Mastery Stars and expanding our restaurants), but since those sort of features clearing aren't going anywhere, why not embrace them?

ChefVille Christmas Cheer

Perhaps it's just the early feeling of Christmas cheer, but do you want to find myself building Gingerbread Houses, cooking batches of Christmas Ham and walking around on Snow tiles instead of grass? Do you want lights and garland on the edges of the Mom N Pop Shop and Poultry Butcher? Do you want to see customers dressed in their winter jackets and hats? And do you definitely want an appearance from the man from the North Pole?

Will all of this come to pass? Probably not, although it's almost a guarantee that the game will have some sort of holiday event next month (since Zynga and most other Facebook game developers shy away from actually using the "Christmas" word). Whatever the case, perhaps it's time that you accept these events for what they are, rather than what they could be. Earning mastery stars instead of individual Ribbons would be great, there's no doubt about that, but if you spend all of your time being mad at Zynga for not giving you those mastery stars, then you lose the chance to enjoy what's right in front of you.

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