SimCity Social: Next Weeks Daily Deals Preview

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The third week Daily Deals in SimCity Social can be known here, and you can expect the below prices to be associated with them.

By AdminTel From Simcity Social Fansite

It's the third week of Daily Deals in SimCity Social and they are still coming strong as the attached image proves. These seven items prices will be slashed over the coming days and you can expect the below prices to be associated with them:

Simcity Social  Daily Deals

SimNews Tower - 75 Diamonds
Orbital Escalator - 9 Diamonds
Dragons Lair - 120 Diamonds

Please note that the above discounts are based on the average 50% discount that you're used to seeing but they could also be slightly higher or lower. The Fairytale Castle and Double Helix are not included as they have already been released and the Transportation Gate is today's Daily Deal.

The new Daily Deals for over the weekend period are really great ones as the SimNews Tower and Dragons Lair were both expensive special buildings that could only be obtained by purchasing them via special Limited promotions during previous Themes and both provide flying animations around your SimCity skyline. Now is your chance to pick them up a lot cheaper so if you want them make sure you log in to SimCity Social every day over the next three days to make sure you don't miss them.

Today's Daily Deal however is the Transportation Gate that is usually priced at 28 Diamonds but today it's has its price slashed by 54% and is available to purchase from the SimCity Social store for 13 Diamonds. The Transportation Gate boosts Population by +75 over a +4 Range and is quite a good decoration to have if you didn't already obtain it via the Back From The Future Theme. At 13 Diamonds it should be tempting. Also remember that you can build up your Diamond Club balance and get additional buildings and Diamonds for Free!

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