Simcity Social: Secrets Of Atlantis Buildings Update

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There are a lot new buildings update in Simcity Social, and you can purchase them in Simcity Social store or obtain them via a Delivery Truck or via the SpinCity Mini Game.

By AdminTel From Simcity Social Fansite

It's been one week since the launch of the Secrets Of Atlantis Theme dropped into SimCity Social and you've again been gifted another large update with lots of new buildings that have made their way into the SimCity Social store.

Simcity Social Secrets Of Atlantis

All of the buildings this week are on the expensive side with the cheapest item being the Giant Anchor decoration at 30,000 Simoleons and two buildings at 500,000 Simoleons.

The SimCity Social store provided eight new items that were available to purchase which include two Businesses, two Factories, three Decorations and an Attraction. You can find the details of them all below:


Marine Exploration Center - 1875 Simoleons - Every 6 Hours 30 Minutes (3-Stars)
Carbon Capture Inc. - 3270 Simoleons - Every 21 Hours (3-Stars)


Shipyard - 469 Materials - Every 6 Hours 30 Minutes (3-Stars)
Hydrogen Cell Plant - 818 - Every 21 Hours (3-Stars)


Maritime Museum - +388 Population - +5 Range (3-Stars)


Giant Anchor - +25 Population - +3 Range
Museum Ship - +44 Population - +3 Range
Museum Submarine - +55 Population - +4 Range

Then there are another extra three special buildings available. The main Atlantean Lighthouse Project Landmark which can only be fully risen from the sea by completing the Secrets Of Atlantis Quest and then the Giant Jungle Gym And Wave Pool Attractions that are only available to collect by taking a lucky dip in either a Delivery Truck or via the SpinCity Mini Game.


Atlantean Lighthouse - +5000 Population - +1 Diamond Every 72 Hours


Wave Pool - +????? Population - +??? Range
Giant Jungle Gym - +????? Population - +??? Range

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