CityVille 2: Subscribe for Free Energy, Exclusive Buildings and More

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If you join the CityVile 2 VIP Club, you can obtain a +5 point bonus to your energy bar for as long as you are an active subscriber.

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While CityVille 2 may still be the new kid on the block, Zynga has already launched a subscription service within the game for players that really wish to make progress fast. This VIP Club is also know as the "Order of the Eternal Flame," and it costs $4.99 USD a month to access. All players are entitled to a seven day free trial of this event as well.

CityVille2 Subscribe

The CityVille 2 VIP Club offers players a +5 point bonus to their energy bar for as long as they're an active subscriber, as well as providing them with 50% more energy with every battery purchase they make into the future. That is, if a player were to purchase a battery worth 30 points, they would receive 45 points instead for the same price. Each month, subscribers receive a 30 energy gift just for being a VIP, and they'll also have access to an exclusive "Secret Society" building that's only available for subscribers. Finally, VIPs that visit other VIPs will receive even more free energy when playing.

Again, this feature is available for a seven day period for free to all players, but after that, the subscription price kicks in at $4.99 a month (plus tax). If you're interested in learning more or signing up to be a subscriber yourself, you can learn more by heading into the game's store and looking under the "Specials" tab.

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