FarmVille 2: Play Bubble Safari Ocean for Tons of Free Boosts

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FarmVille 2 players are now encouraged to play Bubble Safari Ocean in exchange for plenty of Bottles and Boosts back on the farm.

By Brandy Shaul From

The next time you login to your farm in FarmVille 2, you'll see the pop-up like the one below, giving you a breakdown of the items that are up for grabs in this cross-promotion. There's no way to close this window without actually going to Bubble Safari Ocean, but if you plan on taking part in this promotion for the free items, you'll need to head there anyway to "sync" your progress across both games.

Bubble Safari Ocean

If you just complete Level 1 in Bubble Safari Ocean, you'll receive a pack of five Baby Bottles back in FarmVille 2. Make it to Level 7 in Bubble Safari Ocean and you'll win a 10-Pack of Unwither Potions. Reach Level 19 for a 10-Pack of Instant Grows, and finally, reach Level 31 for 25 more Speed Grows.

FarmVille 2

Remember, these items may not be around forever in FarmVille 2, so if you have any interest in claiming these free Bottles and Boosts, make sure to complete this promotion as fast as you can. Good luck!

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