Game of Thrones Ascent Launches Open Beta on Facebook

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Disruptor Beam's much-anticipated social role-playing game Game of Thrones Ascent is now in open beta on Facebook, which focuses on player interaction through the political upheaval, strategy and intrigue that the series of novels is known for.

By Joe Osborne From

From there, you can take the path of battle, intrigue or trade to become one of the most power nobles in Westeros. As a noble, it will rarely be your character getting his or her hands dirty, but a squad of sworn swords that will roam the land in your name however you see fit. At times, that you will clash with fellow players in your way to power.

That said, don't expect the action-packed battle scenes you're used to from the hit HBO TV series. In that regard, perhaps Ascent is more for fans of the novels than the show. For what it's worth, Disruptor Beam deserves major props for catering to the purists, the fans who knew what A Song of Ice and Fire was before HBO had everyone saying "Game of Thrones." Even if you're not that type of fan, Game of Thrones Ascent is certainly worth checking out.

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