'Bands' Launches to Unite Music & Social Gamers on Facebook

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Newtracks has today announced the global launch of the company’s debut release, Bands. A free-to-play title for Facebook, Bands offers gamers a new breed of addictive social music experience, as well as novel revenue streams and exposure opportunities for both established and independent music artists.


Bands charts the players’ rise from garage band hopefuls to musical megastardom, from playing no-mark small time venues all the way to sell out stadium events on a whirlwind tour of the USA. Gameplay revolves around playing along to in-game music provided by a roster of established and up-and-coming artists, simultaneously allowing users to discover new music while they play. All tracks featured within the game are available for download via in-game purchase, offering musical acts and their labels a new way to get their sounds in front of an engaged, relevant new audience.


Bands begins in humble surroundings at a local gym, where after compiling their band, players must maintain the interest of the assembled crowd and work them to a frenzy for maximum returns and fan adoration. By playing and performing well at concerts, a greater virtual fan base can be won, along with access to larger, better attended venues. Players are also given the option to buy items and branded merchandise to upgrade their in-game avatars and speed up progression through the game. Bands features a dedicated chart ranking for the songs being played by both friends and the wider game community, so players are always aware of the hottest tracks in-game.


“Our inspiration for Bands was to combine the emotional response we all feel towards music with the engagement only possible through social gaming to create a new experience for both music fans, social gamers, and the significant intersect that we believe lies between the two,” commented Daniel Bock, Newtracks cofounder and CPO. “We’re looking to build a different kind of online community, one unified by a
love for gaming and for discovering new music. Our pitch to musicians and labels is that we offer a new route to both revenue and engagement from the kind of fans for whom your music was made.”


At launch, Bands will feature 26 tracks from 12 artists, with many more in the pipeline for inclusion shortly after. Aspiring artists can upload their own creations for inclusion in the Bands roster of tracks, where their success can be tracked through the live in-game charts. Players are able to monitor the progress of friends within the game, along with which songs they are listening to, which songs they have uploaded, what items they own and much more. Following a nine month development cycle, Bands was put through a private beta period of three months prior to today’s launch.

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