PopCap Will Bring Plants vs. Zombies Adventures to Facebook

Date: Mar 26 2013 23:29:47 Source: Inside Social Games Views:
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PopCap officially revealed the social adaptation of its incredibly popular game Plants vs. Zombies with Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, which will release sometime early this summer.

By Mike Thompson From Inside Social Games

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is set to feature a number of new zombies and plants, the new plants include the Beet, which deals heavy amounts of melee damage, and Aspearagus. Likewise, some of the new zombie types includes one wearing a barrel that then charges at full speed when the plants destroy said barrel and a "Mad Hatter" zombie that appeared to be heavily armored with a variety of headgear.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Zombie battles are presented in a 3D isometric format. Instead of having the zombies progressing in a straight line, there are often multiple winding paths leading to the motor home’s front door. Players choose a limited number of plants before the level begins and then place them along the pathways at strategic points to hold off the walking corpses. Clicking on the plants will provide a temporary range and power boost for a small amount of sunshine (which is normally used to purchase and place plants during battles).

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

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