Facebook Games Weekly News Wrap-up: May 20 to May 26

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Another brand new week has come. It's Monday today, What news about Facebook games have been brought forth on BBGsite during the past week? Do you miss many amazing news? Don't worry, check the article out below.

1. Interview with Kingdom Conquest II's Producer, Masamitsu Shiino

We are very pleased to sit down with Producer Masamitsu Shiino from SEGA, one of the masterminds behind the Kingdom Conquest series. We are honored to share the following interview with you.

Kingdom Conquest II's Producer, Masamitsu Shiino

1. Hi Shiino-san, can you introduce yourself to our BBGsite readers?

My name is Masamitsu Shiino, Producer for the SEGA Networks "Kingdom Conquest" series. I have also worked on sports related online/mobile games like the soccer simulation game, “Sakatsuku ONLINE”. In my free time I enjoy playing popular titles like WoW, CoD, and LoL.

2. The original Kingdom Conquest is one of SEGA's most successful mobile games to date. What are your general impressions on Kingdom Conquest II?

Compared to the first "Kingdom Conquest", there are a lot of existing AAA apps in the market, and I feel that we are in an age where differentiating is becoming a bigger challenge. With that said however, Kingdom Conquest II has also been highly praised for its improved graphics, dungeon gameplay, and deep RTS battles. As a result, dedicated fan communities are being established in Japan and other Asian countries, with the game being accepted beyond our expectations. Finally, what makes Kingdom Conquest II users unique are their willingness to purchase in-game items, and it seems that the market is becoming friendlier toward freemium titles.

3. Compared to the first Kingdom Conquest, what are the most brilliant breakthroughs in Kingdom Conquest II?

Firstly, the graphics have been greatly improved. This was simply a case of matching the specs to devices that are currently available on the market, but it goes without saying that the visuals are greatly improved than its predecessor. One big example is the dungeon exploration and its change to a targeting action game. In addition, "Commanders" have been introduced to the monster battles that added even more strategic complexity. Other changes include the implementation of an in-game translation tool to assist players globally. We wanted to make sure that players were able to communicate with each other easily.




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