FarmVille 2: Free Prize Shovels for County Fair

Date: May 29 2013 19:24:12 Source: CE Gamers Views:
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Make sure to login to FarmVille 2 as soon as you can this week, as Zynga is giving away free Prize Shovels to use in the County Fair event. The Prize Shovel can be claimed via a pop-up when you first login to your farm, and it gives you double the points on Prized Crops that you harvest throughout a 24-hour period.

FarmVille 2 Free Prize Shovel

This means that instead of gaining one point per crop (as an example), you’d gain two points, allowing you to skyrocket up the County Fair leaderboard, hopefully earning a ton of prizes in the process.

Remember, the County Fair resets this Thursday, so you’ll need to earn as many points as possible before that day if you want this week’s medals and prizes. And while it may seem smartest to only plant short growth crops, crops that take longer to grow actually produce better Prized Crops in the long run. For this Prize Shovel however, it might be best to sacrifice on the quality of the Prized Crops by planting short growth-timer items and racking up a ton of quantity



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