Marvel: Avengers Alliance Sneak Peek: Season 2

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While the launch of Season 2 will be coming very soon. This season will add a couple more features at the last moment that will make it a great experience. As stated before, you won’t lose your heroes or any progress in the game. Season 2: Chapter 1 may be started once you’ve completed the MODOK fight in Season 1: Mission 4. You may use all of the heroes you currently own. Think of it as an additional chapter that is on a new tab (see below) to separate it because it has a new story and new gameplay.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Season 2

Here’s a look at how the tabs are arranged along with some other improvements to the UI (such as a scrollbar for tasks and moving all of the mission-level info (like leaderboards, loot, and epic boss locations [new]) under the new "Mission Info"button. Here you see the Season 1 tab, with the Chapter 1 you all are familiar with.

Below is one of the new events in Season 2. What do you think the agent will incur here?

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Season 2

Here is another heroic new event seen in Season 2. Hopefully your team is up for the challenge.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Season 2




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