ChronoBlade Open Beta Coming to Facebook on June 26

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nWay today announced that ChronoBlade, will launch the single-player Facebook Open Beta on June 26. ChronoBlade is a free-to-play, side-scrolling action RPG featuring visceral combo-filled gameplay, heroic leveling, tactical skill trees, and epic amounts of loot. Gamers interested in playing the Open Beta can sign up at

ChronoBlade Open Beta

Raise your weapon and fight for more than your own dimension; the survival of all realities hangs by a thread. Battle through the many strange realms of the Multiverse, seek out the truth behind the Chronarch war, and unleash the power to save all worlds!

Features of ChronoBlade include:

  • Visceral combat – The game features side-scrolling hack-and-slash mechanics and tasks players with defeating waves of inter-dimensional enemies with a variety of combos and special abilities.
  • Deep RPG elements - Full character customization through leveling, skill trees, and epic amounts of loot make for personalized heroes.
  • Inter-dimensional conflict - Players assume the role of a dimension-hopping hero, bent on preventing the evil Chronarch Imperium from destroying all the worlds of the multiverse.
  • Truly cross-platform, real-time multiplayer – Proprietary technology from nWay with single-player story mode on Facebook available on June 26, gamers will be able to play ChronoBlade with friends cooperatively or competitively in real time across all available platforms, including OUYA, iOS, Android, and Smart TVs in the near future.



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