FarmVille 2 Sneak Peek: Sunny Celebra Mission Guide

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Falabella's are one of the smallest horses in the world! Babies run 12 to 22 inches tall while adults are only 28 inches! Repair Marie's Horse Trailer; Collect 3 spare tires by completing quests for Cornelius; Make 3 Embroidered Horse Blankets to keep the baby horse warm.

Mission 1: Corny Fun

  • Harvest 20 Corn. It’s great in the Summer.
  • Harvest 2 Lemon trees. We’ll need to make Lemonade next.
  • Make 3 Cornbreads. Everyone at the picnic will want some.

Mission 2: Shades of Summer

  • Collect 5 Sunscreens to keep that Sun at bay.
  • Harvest 15 Strawberries for the best cold drink.
  • Make 2 Strawberry Lemonades.

Mission 3: Tart Treat

  • Harvest 25 Blueberries for delicious tarts.
  • Feed 8 Adult Chickens to keep them from pecking at the picnic fare.
  • Make 2 Blueberry Tarts as a picnic plus.

Mission 4: Squash Bash

  • Collect 5 Picnic Flags to decorate for the sunny Grocery Picnic.
  • Harvest 10 Summer Squash, the perfect summer veggie.
  • Make 2 Summer Squash Fries, a tasty summer snack if I ever saw one.

Mission 5: Just a Splash

  • Tend 3 Wells and pull up that clean pure FarmVille water.
  • Harvest 20 Wheat for making the freshest pie crust.
  • Make 3 pies. Whichever you like. Baker’s choice.

Mission 6: Get the Word Out

  • Help on neighbor farms 15 times, and let everyone know about the picnic.
  • Feed 3 adult goats to make sure they don’t try to eat the picnic food.
  • Make 3 Ice cream. And don’t sell it! I have a plan.

Mission 7: Summer Sparks

  • Collect 5 Summer Sparklers for the kids to play with after dark.
  • Harvest 25 Strawberries to put my plan into action.
  • Make 3 Strawberry Ice Cream. My plan worked! Woo Hoo!

Mission 8: Cutting a Run

  • You’ll need to Harvest 25 Onions first.
  • Feed 4 sheep, or they’re going to eat the picnic grass.
  • And now make 1 Zig Zag rug for us to picnic on.

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