Zynga's Hidden Shadows Launches for Global Audiences

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Zynga’s newest game - Hidden Shadows launching today on Facebook and coming soon to tablets. Hidden Shadows is the second hidden object game. Players will dive into a supernatural crime story full of mystery, dark secrets, and new ways to connect with friends and play together.

Hidden Shadows

Hidden Shadows will transport you to the corrupt streets of Gracetown, where you’ll encounter mysterious benefactors, powerful enemies, and the spirits of the dead – the victims of murders that only you can solve. With the help of your friends and your own supernatural abilities, you’ll close cases, uncover corruption, reveal secrets about the past, and unlock new content that may prove to be a bit unsettling

Hidden Shadows

Here’s what you’ll find when you play – those afraid of the shadows, please proceed with caution:

Find: Each murder case will lead you through new crime scene locations – some beautiful, some disturbing – where you’ll find evidence, tools, and secrets to help you crack the case, bringing you deeper into the overarching story of Gracetown and your supernatural abilities.

Uncover: Tasked by the mysterious Michael Alder, and placed constantly at odds with the flinty-eyed Chief Havers, you’ll experience the game through multiple seasons, each involving a series of murder cases that don’t stop with just one victim.

Solve: Luckily, you are not alone in the shadows – you’ll work with Michael Alder and Marina Graves to gain access to off-limit locations, analyze evidence, and tap into your supernatural powers. You can also lean on real-life friends to help you solve cases and unlock new ones, bringing peace to the unlucky victims.

Check out the Hidden Shadows trailer:



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