Marvel: Avengers Alliance producer's Notes Part III on Season 2

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Now that you're up to speed on Incursions, let's talk about the other brand new event type in Season 2 - Heroic Battles.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Season 2

Enter Heroic Battles. A chance for a hero (or three) to break away from the rest of the group and pursue their own personal business. We’re really excited about that. It gives us a chance to get two or more characters we love in a private setting to really focus on how they interact with each other. You’ll notice the icon we used is one that matches the icon for the "Team" page button.

Heroic battles are also more challenging. Not only because the Agent and their items aren’t in these fights, but because we can set and balance the fights to a particular grouping of heroes and make them as tough or as easy as we want. A great example is the Mission 6 Heroic Battle - Cable & Deadpool vs. The U-Foes. All 4 of the U-Foes.
Mission 6 Heroic Battle - Cable & Deadpool vs. The U-Foes

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Season 2

Well you know how it is with Deadpool around. I don’t want to ruin the entire conversation for you, but here’s a taste.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Season 2

Alright, so then you jump in the battle with Cable & Deadpool against Ironclad, Vector, Vapor, and X-Ray. Punching and slicing and shooting.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Season 2

With the win I’ve completed my first Heroic Battle of Chapter 1 and with my other accomplishments (such as deploys and tasks) I am 15% finished with Chapter 1 Mastery.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Season 2

I recommend you level these heroes up if you want to win. If not, you’ll die, but that’s ok. Why? Because there is a ton of awesome unique dialogue written for each battle in the case you lose. So maybe you’ll be like me and you’ll actually want to lose each of these fights once to see all the dialogue.
Deadpool dialogue 2

In Chapter 1 there are 6 Heroic Battles (one in each Mission). If you’ve been paying attention, we’ve revealed a few of them already. They were Cable & Deadpool vs. the U-Foes, Gambit & Rogue vs. Prime Sentinels, and Wolverine vs. Sabretooth. You’ll just have to play Season 2 to see the other 3!

So that’s Heroic Battles in a nutshell. Dialogue-focused, character-rich combat experiences that will make fans of the comics and films ecstatic whether they win or lose.

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