Marvel: Avegners Alliance Sneak Peek: Future Game Update & Hero Releases

Date: Oct 16 2013 23:30:31 Source: Avengers Alliance Guide Views:
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VIA: Avengers Alliance Guide

Marvel revealed several new characters and game-play additions for its hit "Marvel: Avengers Alliance." The announcements included:


#1. Marvel revealed a brand new Spec Op mission for the hit Facebook game, featuring the heroes and storyline inspired by Marvel's "Thor: The Dark World" movie. In this mission, players journey to London and beyond in an attempt to stop Malekith and the Dark Elves from marching on Midgard. Heimdall joins the Avengers as the reward hero, while players can unlock a brand new version of Loki as the lockbox hero. Kurse rounds out the cast as the new Group Boss.

#2. In the third chapter of Season 2, players will continue to unravel the mystery of the Circle of 8. Who is running the Circle of 8? And why are they doing ritual sacrifices? New villains the Kingpin and Sin make their debut, and Original Daredevil will be the Chapter Mastery reward.

During the panel it was also revealed that the next PVP character reward will be Domino, while the new Lockbox reward following Loki will be Sabretooth.






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