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New Update
- SO17 based on Captain America: Winter Soldier
- Guardians of the Galaxy characters will be released (Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora and Drax), with sprites
- They will also receive an SO to tie in with the movie.
- Taskmaster as lockbox.
- Captain America movie alt, as well as one for Scarlet Witch.
- Falcon, Batroc the Leaper and Winter Soldier art.

From Justin Woods:
PVP (also Guardians of the Galaxy tidbit)
- Rocket Raccoon will be the hero for PVP Season 15.
- They have not decided upon how all of the GotG will be obtained, but at least 2 will be PVP rewards.
- Taskmaster will be the lockbox for PVP Season 15.
- "Significant changes" to PVP, they will do dev notes for those in the future.

Chapter 5 and Season 2 generally
- Chapter 5's alt costume will be the Scarlet Witch alt shown in the MTV article (Transian SW)
- Chapter 5 will release sooner than 4; Ch4 took so long because of the A-Isos.
- Hercules will be the Premium Mission for Chapter 5.
- Season 2 will be having 12 chapters.

Spec Ops
- Falcon is the reward for SO17.
- No lockbox in SO17.
- Winter Soldier will just be a villain in SO17.
- SO18 will feature the next group boss (but Woods can't tell us whom just yet).

Upcoming characters and costumes
- Fandral is the next hero to be released.
- Rogue's and Magik's alts are still in the works, but not for the near future.
- Dark Avengers will come back in season 2.
- Carnage is hinted at (no confirmation!!).

- AIso are only for heroes, nothing planned for agent gear.
- Hero specific A-Iso will only be acquired on boss roulettes that those heroes are team-ups in. Currently they will only be available in Chapter 4, but they will be added to Chapters 1-3 as well. Season 1 will not have any A-Iso.
- Dev Q&A on the forums might come back after Chapter 4.
- Second training room is currently in development and we'll get a developer blog with info about it in the coming weeks.
- The anniversary gift is a Generalist uniform for the agent with one E-Iso slot! It will be available after the release of Chapter 4.
- According to Justin Woods' cat Peter Parker: "aeijwgrgrg 2j-r320"

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