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Here below will show you a sneak peek of one of the great new features you can expect to see when Big Harvest releases on 3/28...Fields!

Big Harvest is all about allowing you to explore the limitations of your Farming creativity. In order to really unlock your full farming potential, FarmVillle 2 recognize that many of you need more space. Your answer to this problem is Fields. Fields will allow you to plant more crops, master your crops faster, get more prized crops, and save space!

This week, you had the opportunity to sit down with Alex, Big Harvest's Senior Producer, to discuss the creative process behind Fields.

The Creation of Fields

"Originally, Fields were inspired by the desire to make farms even more bountiful. We wanted to make "Super Plots" that were the same size as a regular plot, only better. Unfortunately, we strugged with how to differentiate a Super Plot from a regular plot, until we were inspired to try making them larger. Once we did this, we realized that the crops in a Field should also look more impressive, since Fields produce more than regular plots. Naming them Fields was the next natural step after that."

Below are various early concepts for Fields when they were the size of one plot.


Below is a screenshot of  some initial tests that were done when determining the appearance of Fields.


"Big Harvest is all about upgrades, so naturally, you will be able to upgrade your Fields. Once we had decided how our Fields would function, we spent a lot of time exploring different borders to put on Fields to communicate their levels."

Below are various early concepts for Field borders.


"We really wanted to convey a sense of progress from Field 1 to 2 to 3, etc., and felt that we were making good progress towards that goal. Unfortunately, when we put the new Field art in the game, we realized we had a problem; with both having wooden borders, Level 2 Fields didn't feel aspiration-ally better than Level 1 fields. So it was literally back to the drawing board until someone on the team visited a real farm and spotted a rope border around a field. Once we saw that, we realized that we finally had our perfect Level one Field."

The final version of Big Harvest's new Fields.


What do you think of the new Fields? Are you excited for the release of Big Harvest? What other upgrades would you like to see? Leave us a comment with your feedback and you'll be automatically entered into the running to win a FREE Hampshire Pig on 3/17!

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