Marvel: Avengers Alliance: X-Force Costume, Spec op 19, Season 2 Chapter 6 and New Update

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Here is your reveal. Coming Soon™ to Marvel: Avengers Alliance: X-Force Deadpool! This is the Deadpool costume we've long discussed.


Deadpool's alternate class will be Blaster. He will be launching with two friends.X-Force Psylocke and X-Force Wolverine will launch with Deadpool. The Psylocke & Wolverine Uncanny X-Force costume is here.
X-Force Wolverine



We are evaluating a few different class options for some of these new characters, so I can't reveal them quite yet.

Special Operation 19 will have a lot of villains. 4 total, one of them is a group boss. There are some pretty famous ones in there.Spec Op 19 will have one hero and one lockbox hero. The lockbox is an existing villain in MAA. Oh and Spec Op 19 is NOT Guardians of the Galaxy-themed. Some of you guessed it, and I can now confirm it. Here is your Lockbox reward for Spec Op 19 - Avalanche!


Spec Op 19 - Avalanche

Your Spec Op 19 Group Boss is BASTION! We didn't draw the full body of this guy, just a dialogue portrait. Enjoy


Spec Op 19 Group Boss BASTION!

It's Cannonball! Your Spec Op 19 Reward Hero! Cannonball will be a Blaster.


Season 2 Chapter 6 Update:

The reward costume for Chapter 6 will be for She-Hulk and it will be a brand new design, never seen in the comics. As mentioned many times before, I won't be able to show the art for it until Chapter 6 actually launches, unfortunately. Such spoilers. She-Hulk will be getting her moves upgraded at the time Chapter 6 goes live.

Luke Cage is finally being refactored when Chapter 6 launches! I'll spill more beans on that in the future.

I'm feeling really generous. Since you all know he's coming in Chapter 6 anyway, here you go...


Our plan is to launch the X-Force costumes (just by themselves with the Angel/Fantomex updates), then Spec Op 19.Chapter 6 will follow soon afterward. Stay tuned for new update.



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