FarmVille 2: XP Points Changes

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Farmville 2 has just recently announced that there will be a coming update regarding the xp values in game. They said that the current system where the prized animals gives more XP is giving an advantage to players who is just concentrating raising prized animals than players who is just farming crops. This means that prized animal raisers will be leveling more faster than player who is not (eg. crafting, fulfilling orders at the order board) .


Zynga then proposed that they be making changes, one by adjusting the required number of XP to level up. They claim with this implementation players can level up faster. Lower XP requirements means faster level up.

Zynga also will reduce the XP gain from prized animals. Zynga claims that this will create balance in game and make all players level up on the same pace with their neighbors. They are worried that players are out leveling others players at a discouraging rate.

Our take on this is that Zynga mistakenly point out again what will make the game better. It is not how players leveled faster that makes players unhappy. It is their poor service. Countless bugs in game, players not receiving quests, game loads very slow these are only a few of the thousand things that can make Farmville 2 players happy.



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