Marvel: Avengers Alliance - PVP 17 With New Concepts & Patch Note

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Playdom have decided to make the experience better than ever for Marvel Avengers Alliance PVP.


New Update:

PVP Season 17 is coming. The reward for Adamantium League is going to be Karnak of the Inhumans and there will be Lockbox rewards tied to the daily bonus.

Introducing Pre-Season PVP

From PVP 17 playdom going to introduce the concept of pre-seasons PVP. Pre-season is a very short tournament right before the main PVP season takes place. It has much higher chance for everyone to get Adamantium, Vibranium, Diamond, and Gold leagues. The rewards are built around the concept of making you better for the next PVP season. Leagues will award Gold, Silver, CP and the next tier PVP armory items, to help bolster your PVP bonus, before they are purchasable. The pre-season concept will not only help players prep for the upcoming tournaments, but improve their arsenals and teams overall.


Pre-Season PVP Patch Note:
The Pre-Seasons will gear you up with high PVP bonus items and allows us to occasionally test out new features to create a better PVP experience. Pre-Season length may fluctuate, but will currently run for two weeks. Standard PVP seasons (like the upcoming Season 17 featuring Karnak) will still be the standard length of roughly 4 weeks.

Not all pre-seasons are meant to test for new features. Our goal is to give you a pre-season before each long PVP season to give more players a chance to gear up for the Adamantium League. Future PVP Pre-Seasons will be titled based on the Season they precede. For example there will be a “Pre-Season 18” right before “Season 18.”

Pre-Season PVP Alpha
Pre-Season PVP Alpha will feature improved matchmaking. Matches will be evaluated based on which league you are currently in, and a combination of factors, including level, rating, number of heroes and slotted PVP items. Good luck, Agents!


Adamantium Reward:
6 Top Tier PVP Armory Items

Vibranium Reward:
5 Gold

Diamond Reward:
5 Command Points

Gold Reward:
40,000 Silver

Silver Reward:
10,000 Silver



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