FarmVille 2 Get All New Limited Edition Items

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It looks like our previous post had the wrong Limited Edition items listed on it. How embarassing! Here are the things that actually made it to the General Store. Enjoy your new Limited Edition Items!



Spaghetti Squash - 46 Coins


Heirloom Buddha's Hand Tree - 22 Farm Bucks
Purple Cape Myrtle Tree - 12 Farm Bucks
Buddha's Hand Tree - 13 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Purple Cape Myrtle Tree -21 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Chinese Fringe Tree - 21 Farm Bucks
Chinese Fringe Tree - 12 Farm Bucks


Black Speckled Gotland Rabbit - 37 Farm Bucks
Mille Fleur Bearded D'Uccle Chicken - 37 Farm Bucks
Baby Bazadais Cow - 30 Farm Bucks
Bazadais Cow - 43 Farm Bucks
Baby Black Speckled Gotland Rabbit - 20 Farm Bucks
Baby Black Teacup Pig - 28 Farm Bucks
Black Teacup Pig - 41 Farm Bucks
Baby Mille Fleur Bearded D'Uccle Chicken - 20 Farm Bucks


Purple Cape Myrtle Bouquet (Purple Cape Myrtle Flower + Wool Thread Spindle = 3890 Coins)
Buddha's Hand Jam (Buddha's Hand + Lemon Water = 3950 Coins)
Chinese Fringe Bouquet (Chinese Fringe Flower + Wool Thread Spindle = 3950 Coins)
Buddha's Hand Shortbread Cookie (Buddha's Hand + Flour 4020 = Coins)
Spaghetti Squash with Marinara (Spaghetti Squash + Tomato Paste = 2540 Coins)
Apple Sauce (Apple + Flour = 2910 Coins)
Cape Myrtle & Chinese Fringe Wreath (Chinese Fringe Flower + Purple Cape Myrtle Flower = 3350 Coins)



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