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Red She-Hulk kicks off a gamma-infused new mission that also includes The Leader, Winter Soldier, Zzzax, and more!

Get out your Geiger counters, because there’s a radioactive explosion coming to “Marvel: Avengers Alliance”!

The latest Spec Op centers on the Hulk family of characters, introducing Betty Ross’ irradiated alter ego of Red She-Hulk to the game while also bringing in The Leader, Winter Soldier, and Zzzax. We spoke to Associate Producer Tony Sherrill about these smashing new developments. What’s the story behind the latest Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: The Leader has big plans and the first step is kidnapping Betty Ross, infusing her with red gamma radiation and turning her into a monster, which only he controls. Seeing red, Red Hulk is desperate to find her and smash the kidnapper. It’s up to S.H.I.E.L.D. to find her and the kidnapper first, before an angered Red Hulk does and [figures] out what exactly the Leader is planning. How did you settle on Red She-Hulk as the reward hero?

Tony Sherrill: Out of 31 Spec Ops we hadn’t really done that much with the Hulk family, so it was time to dedicate a Spec Op to them. Red She-Hulk had been planned for release at least two years ago, but she was bumped to make room for movie themed Spec Ops and such. Plus she’s Red Hulk’s daughter and as Betty Ross has some history with Hulk, so she really was the perfect fit as the reward hero. What skills and abilities does Red She-Hulk bring to the team?

Tony Sherrill: Red She-Hulk has a passive ability called Gamma Energy which increases Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Evasion, plus restores some health and stamina when gained. Her Gamma Girl passive allows her to gain Gamma Energy when she attacks or is attacked. The Gamma Energy status can also be gained by using her first three attacks, Body Blow, Cage Fight, and Curb Stomp. Body Blow is a melee attack that applies Exhausted and Fumbling. Cage Fight is a melee attack that applies Flanked, Staggered, and Off-balance. Curb Stomp is a melee ground attack that applies Aftershock, Hobbled, and Winded to all enemies. All of this can be exploited with her final move, Savage Strike. Savage Strike has Exploit Opportunity, Ignore Defense, and Unleash Anger. Unleash Anger consumes all stacks of Gamma Energy to deal even more damage. Ouch.

One more thing I’d like to mention about Red She-Hulk is that she has another passive called Beat the Heat, which protects against single target energy and radiation attacks. Another part of her Gamma Girl passive makes her immune to Radiation Effects. Beat the Heat plays very nicely with Gamma Girl, as the more she is attacked, the more Gamma Energy she will gain, which in turn increases her stats and heals her some. She can only gain a maximum of five stacks of Gamma Energy. Zzzax is a cool and interesting choice for a group boss—how did that come about?

Tony Sherrill: We knew we were dedicating this Spec Op to the Hulks, so now came the fun part of deciding which bad guys to punch in the face. Hulk has fought and defeated Zzzax on several occasions in the comics, but we also wanted to use the Leader. The Leader didn’t really feel like a Group Boss. He’s more like the man with the plan, so we settled on the 40’ tall—about 12’ in [the game]—electromagnetic being of psionic energy. Winter Soldier is a long-awaited hero—what made now the time to have him as the Lockbox reward?

Tony Sherrill: As the Leader’s plan slowly unfolds his Supernatural Intelligence comes in to play, as he’s using his Telepathy to control certain individuals in order to complete his main objective. The Winter Soldier is one of those individuals. What other villains and heroes will play a major role in this Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: For villains we’ll have Winter Soldier, Abomination, Absorbing Man, and Worthy She-Hulk aka Skirn, Breaker of Men as mini-bosses. As far as hero deploys are concerned we have Molly Hayes, Falcon, Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon), Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow as the required heroes for this gamma infused Spec Op. What types of tech will we be researching as we go?

Tony Sherrill: The Contamination Set is the new set for this Spec Op, although only one of the four pieces is linked to research. That’s the Radiation Injector. This weapon has a new status called Radiation Fatigue, which causes the enemy to take extra damage from radiation attacks. If you have another piece of the set equipped then this weapon gains a new status called Irradiated, which is like a form of Radiation Exposure that cannot be removed. The other three pieces are the Limited Edition Big Brother, the Photon Ray, which is won in the Daily Bonus Spin, and the Epic Boss Drop named Premonition Actuator.

The Premonition Actuator is a quick action that applies Clairvoyance (Mirror Image) to your entire team. If you have another piece of the set equipped then this weapon will also have a high chance of applying Mind Control to the entire enemy team.

The Photon Ray applies the Gamma Exposure and Radiation Exposure statuses. With its set bonus it Exploits Radiation Fatigue, in addition to doing Overexposure, which is like Hemorrhage for Radiation Exposure.

My personal favorite is the Big Brother and not just because I’m a big brother. This weapon has a three round cooldown, but each piece of the set you have equipped will reduce the cool down by one. The Big Brother places a buff status on the Agent called Nuclear Launch Detected. If the Agent is eliminated then the launch is prevented. If not, then three turns later a nuke will drop. This nuke has the Catastrophic, Deadly Crits, and High Crits statuses that will apply three stacks of Radiation Exposure, Exhausted, Neutralized, and Staggered on the entire enemy team. The set bonus will also apply Chaos Shot and Irradiated on all enemies.

Join “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” and play the latest Spec Op, coming soon!



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