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The Mandarin played the role of savior, rather unexpectedly, in Season 2, Chapter 9 of “Marvel: Avengers Alliance,” as he stopped a large Incursion and revealed to S.H.I.E.L.D. the importance of putting an end to them once and for all.

So S.H.I.E.L.D. moves into Madripoor hoping of finding a solution. Meanwhile, Daimon Hellstrom emerges as the newest Worthy—Angrir, Breaker of Souls—wreaking havoc wherever he goes.

What else does Mandarin have up his sleeve? How much will Count Nefaria’s sudden appearance hurt S.H.I.E.L.D.’s operation in Madripoor? We sat down with Associate Producer Tony Sherrill to get the rundown on what’s coming in this new chapter. After the rise of Bobbi Morse as Nerkkod, Daimon Hellstrom is our next worthy. As Angrir, Breaker of Souls, what options does his new uniform present to players?

Tony Sherrill: The Hammer of Angrir has given Daimon three passives. As expected the Worthy Passive makes him immune to Burning, Chilled, Poisoned, Radiation, and Fear effects. Lost Darksoul combines Darksoul and Netheranium Spire; as Angrir, Daimon will now Counter Fire and Magic attacks, restore Health after attacking, have a chance to nullify enemy Magic attacks, and restore Stamina after nullifying a Magic attack. With his third passive, Breaker of Souls, Angrir gains Infernal Power when an enemy is defeated; this greatly increases damage dealt and greatly decreases damage taken. Will Daimon’s ex-wife Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat, or any other members of the Hellstrom family play a role in his story this chapter?

Tony Sherrill: No guest appearances from Satana or Dormammu. Hellcat will join us as an Avenger with PVP Season 28, which will launch after the release of Chapter 10, so she won’t be making any appearances in this chapter’s story either. If I were her, I’d stay far away from him and all those extra mouths he has now. Incursions are picking up steam and getting worse. What is S.H.I.E.L.D. working on to counter them?

Tony Sherrill: In Chapter 9 the Mandarin informed S.H.I.E.L.D. that Incursions would destroy their world, and the only way to truly stop them was to destroy the other worlds that exist throughout the multiverse. S.H.I.E.L.D. didn’t buy that as the only solution, but the Mandarin saved them that day at an extremely heavy cost: the destruction of an entire world.

Up to this point in the story, S.H.I.E.L.D. has just been trying to bring order to chaos, with most of their time being spent fighting off the Worthy while battling any Incursion they come across. They’ve been so busy “saving the world” that they didn’t realize the magnitude of the threat posed by Incursions. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s encounter with Mandarin finally shed light on the universe-destroying nature of Incursions, and they now have the proper attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m sure several of the brightest minds have started to search for solutions, and Nick Fury always has something up his sleeve. With S.H.I.E.L.D. moving into Madripoor, will players get to touch down for missions in the island nation for the first time?

Tony Sherrill: Yes, and we are really excited about these new maps. Chapter 10 brings two new playable maps; both are located in Madripoor and consist of the high-tech luxurious Hightown named Madripoor and the poverty-stricken Lowtown named Buccaneer Bay. The Madripoor City map has vibrant neon lights and towering skyscrapers. Buccaneer Bay is set in the compact low income housing surrounded by the bay with Madripoor City in the background. Both maps have new combat backgrounds, so now you can battle it out on the docks of Buccaneer Bay or in the slums of Lowtown.

1 of 2 Count Nefaria in Marvel: Avengers Alliance
MoreI Count Nefaria is making his Avengers Alliance debut in this chapter. What has brought him out amidst the current global chaos and what threat does he pose as a boss?

Tony Sherrill: Count Nefaria has his eyes set on Madripoor, but no one, not even the army of the Hand and Maggia he has working for him, knows what his ultimate goal is. One thing is for sure: whatever Count Nefaria is doing is guaranteed to help make the Serpent stronger.

As a boss he has two passives; the typical boss passive that makes him immune to stun and gives him haste. Haste being extra dangerous when combined with the fact that he’s also a Tactician, so I wouldn’t bring Blasters to this fight to avoid giving him an additional turn. With his second passive called Having a Good Time, he will gain Super Nefarious when a hero is knocked out. Super Nefarious will greatly increase damage dealt and greatly reduce damage taken, just like Angrir’s Infernal Power. Another good reason to avoid bringing Blasters is his Brawl attack, where he’ll charge forward and deliver a right hand punch, followed by a left hand punch and finishes with a dual fisted uppercut. This attack gives him Rising Up and Ionic Energy. Ionic Energy will heal Count Nefaria whenever he attacks, which is often considering he has Haste. There are many villains popping up in this chapter. Aside from Nefaria, what other big enemies will players have to contend with?

Tony Sherrill: Chaos is afoot and villains are coming out of the woodwork to exploit it. In this Chapter you’ll be fighting the Mandarin, Sugar Man, Maximus the Mad, Bastion, the Living Monolith, Ultron, Nebula, Black Dwarf, Proxima Midnight, and of course Angrir, Breaker of Souls.

Other fights of interest are the Chapter 10 Heroic Battles, which include Constrictor vs. Hercules, Dracula vs. Blade and Morbius, Maximus the Mad vs. Black Bolt and Medusa, and Victor Mancha and Chase Stein [going] up against Thor. Likewise, what heroes are going to be front and center in Chapter 10?

Tony Sherrill: There will be a wide variety of heroes that make an appearance in this chapter. But the heroes that are needed to unlock the Epic Boss fights in Missions 2 and 6 are Angela, Gorgon, Kate Bishop, Karnak, Karolina Dean, and Sif. We’re all amped to jump into Chapter 10 and explore Madripoor and everything else on offer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the future in our sights. Can you give us a taste of what’s next for Marvel: Avengers Alliance?

Tony Sherrill: We’re hammering out the finals details for Season 2, Chapters 11 and 12. Not to mention Spec Op 33, this will star Cammi Benally as the reward hero and Death Locket as a new villain.

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