Adventure World Guide: Changing Appearance

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Adventure Wrold

Did you know you can customize your avatar and give your virtual self a brand new look?

If you're not quite sure how to do that you've come to the right place; all you have to do is follow this easy step by step guide.

1. Click on your portrait next to the energy bar, or on the box next to your build menu then select the hat.

Adventure World

2. This will bring up the main page of the appearance editor, where you can select each category you want to customize.

Adventure World

3. You can customize various parts of your avatars appearance; such as hair:

Adventure World

And clothing:

Adventure World

4. Once you have found something you like, click to purchase it (if you navigate away without purchasing the item it will be removed from you avatar). Purchasing the item will automatically equip it on your avatar and you can continue browsing.

Adventure World

5. One you have purchased all the items you like and changed your avatar to your satisfaction, simply close the appearance editor and you will see your new look. Please be sure to purchase the last item you had selected if you wish to use it.

That's all there is to it. Now that you have a brand new look it's time to head back out into the jungle!

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