Adventure World Guide: Expedition Mastery

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Adventure Wrold

Did you know that you could repeat expeditions for even greater rewards? That’s right, every time you repeat an target=_blank>expedition(Expedition) you will earn progress towards the next mastery level (up to the maximum mastery level), and with higher mastery come higher rewards!


  • Earn Mastery progress
  • Increase the maximum possible rewards from the expedition

Summary FAQ

  • Q: Can I restart more than one expedition at the same time?
    A: Yes you can, but remember you only have a limited amount of time to complete them.

  • Q: Will I earn one (1) star every time I replay an expedition?
    A: Not necessarily, you will see how many quests you need to complete for every mastery level; if you have to complete more quests than are available for that expedition than you will have to repeat it more than once in order to achieve the next mastery level.

  • Q: If I don’t complete every quest when the timer runs out, will I still receive credit for those I completed?
    A: Yes, quests you have completed will count towards mastery progress, even if you do not finish all of them within the given time.

Step by Step Guide

1. When you click on an expedition on your map screen you will see more information about it; including the current mastery, rewards for completing this expedition at the current mastery, and what’s needed to reach the next level.

Adventure World

2. Once you start a timed expedition you will see the timer, as well as the mastery progress, on the bottom of your screen. Your mastery progress will increase with every completed quest.

Adventure World

3. Clicking on the “Rewards” button will give you more information about rewards for each mastery level.

Adventure World

4. Completing every quest on an expedition map in the time allotted will complete the expedition and you will gain progress towards the next mastery level. Quests will count towards expedition mastery as you complete them, so even if you do not finish all of them those you have completed will still count.

Adventure World

5. If the expedition provides as many quests as are required for the next mastery (for example you need 3 for the mastery, and you can complete 3 quests on that map) then you will gain a star when you complete it once.

Adventure World

Otherwise you will see progress towards your next mastery star when you click on the expedition map from the map screen.

Adventure World

The added bonus of mastery makes replaying expeditions even more rewarding! Now get out there and start exploring!

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