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Adventure Wrold

What is an Adventure, and how do I start one?

An Adventure is part of the larger story of Adventure World. In this case it is unlocking the lost City of El Dorado. Starting an Adventure requires more supplies, and resources then an expedition, and cannot be done solo. In order to start an Adventure you will also need to build a crew of like minded Adventures to help you on your way.

Adventure World

To start an adventure click on the map icon and open the map.

Adventure World

Clicking on the Adventure Icon will bring up the requirements to start the mission.

Adventure World

Click the “Ask Friends” button to build your crew. Once you have filled all available slots you will be able to head out on your mission.

Adventure World

While exploring the lands you will be able to hire your crew members to perform extra actions for you!

Adventure World

Clicking hire will allow you to take control of a crew member and have them perform some extra actions for you. Each crew member will be able to perform 3 actions.

Adventure World

Completing an Adventure will earn you one of four idols and one step closer to unlocking El Dorado!

Why do I need to upgrade my tools?

Every object in Adventure World has “Hit Points” that determine the number of times you must whack it to remove it from the map. Each time you whack an object you will use one energy. Having more powerful tools will allow you to clear objects while spending less energy to do so.

Adventure World

This rock has 4 hit points and will take 4 energy to clear with a level 1 pick axe that does 1 damage. It will only require 2 energy to remove with a level 2 pick axe that does 2 damage.

What are tools and how do I use them?

Tools are the items you will need to explore the jungles of Adventure World. They can be purchased from the Tool Shop located on your base camp.

Adventure World

The Tool Shop

The machete and pick axe are used for clearing foliage, and rocks, and your trusty whip is used for fighting off dangerous creatures.

Adventure World

The whip menu

You may also upgrade your tools in the tool shop so that they will do more damage.

Adventure World

The gadget menu

Some specialty items called gadgets are also available in the tool shop. These items may be required in certain areas of the jungle to overcome obstacles you may encounter. 

Adventure World

The upgrade menu

Upgrading your tool shop will allow access to more powerful tools and gadgets

What are supplies, and how do I get them?

You will need supplies in order to head into the jungle on an expedition or an adventure. You will find supply boats waiting in the river at your base camp to be sent on supply runs.

Adventure World

Click on a boat to see your list of available traders, and to send your boat on a supply run.

Adventure World

What are resources and how do I get them?

Each member of the Adventure society will be given one of three unique resources when they set up their base camp. These resources are: Food, Fuel, or Water. Like supplies you will need resources before you can head out on and adventure or expedition.

Adventure World

The Farm, Fuel Depot, and Well

You will be able to collect resources from your own Farm, Well or Fuel Depot once per day. You may also collect resources from your neighbors once per day, so be sure to visit each of them!

Adventure World

You will also be able to send your friends your unique resource each day from the Free Gifts page. Be sure to send them some, so that they will send you some of theirs in return!

What is in my Back Pack?

Your back pack is where all your tools, gadgets, and energy items are stored.

Adventure World

Click the backpack icon to open your backpack and see your inventory.

Adventure World

To use an item in your pack click the use button. Items without a use button will be selected automatically when needed.

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