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Adventure Wrold

Thank Jacqueline Simon so much for his Sharing on The FaceGamer

Below you will find Ask-for links for just about everything that you can possibly ask for within Zynga's Adventure World Facebook game.

Thanks to Tina, Kat and Ron for your help compiling this list. Watch out for that tree!

What are "Ask-for" links, you say? You use these links to send a request to your fellow Adventure World friends, requesting a specific item that you may need. When your friend responds, you get the item, and they get coin. It's win-win.

It is an alternative way of asking for items that you may need. For example, if you game is acting a little glitchy, but you know that you really need X item.. you can come here and ask for the items from this page. This has been useful for me in particular since only about 3 of 100 of my Adventure World friends have farms, so this is the only way for me to get enough food resources to go on expeditions.

Ask For These

Gif These




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