Adventure World Guide: Hiring Crew

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Adventure Wrold

Adventuring alone can be dangerous, hire your friends to help you! You can hire a limited number of friends for every expedition.

Summary FAQ

  • Q: Can I hire the same friend more than once after they accepted my request?
    A: Yes, you can hire each friend who has accepted your request once every 24 hours.

  • Q: How many friends can I invite for each expedition?
    A: You can invite as many friends as you'd like, but only 5 of them will be able to accept the invitation.

  • Q: How many friends can I hire per day?
    A: You can hire up to 5 friends per day.

  • Q: How many actions can each hired friend perform?
    A: You will see the remaining number of actions on the energy bolt attached to their icon.

Part 1: Inviting Friends

1. Before you can hire your friends for an expedition you first have to invite them and then wait for them to accept. To invite a friend, first click on "Ask for Help" on the bar at the bottom of your screen.

Adventure World

Adventure World

2. Then click on "Ask for Help" and send requests to your friends.

Adventure World

Part 2: Hiring your friends

1. Once your friends have accepted your invitation, you will see them appear on the bar at the bottom of your screen.

Adventure World

2. Hovering over your friend's picture will provide you with more information on the tools at their disposal and will allow you to hire them. Once hired, your friend will appear close to where you are and you will be able to direct them the same way you direct your own adventurer.

Adventure World

3. There are two (2) additional way for you to hire your friends once they have accepted your invite. Wherever you see a "shadow person", or an avatar of your friend, you can click on them to bring up the crew hiring page.

Adventure World

4. From that page you can select the friends you wish to hire. , and they will appear in place of the "shadow person" or your friend's avatar.

Adventure World

5. Regardless of how you have hired them, they will appear on your map with an energy number on their portrait; this is how many actions they can perform. Simple select which action you would like them to do.

Adventure World

6. After they completed all the actions allowed you will have the option to either thanking them for their help, or ignoring.

Adventure World

And that's the quick and simple way to get a bit of help on those tough adventures. Remember, any time you need a hand just invite a few friends!

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