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Adventure Wrold

These will be video and image walkthroughs and work to help you get through the map in the most energy efficient manner. Expeditions are listed as "Rewards Upto" which means you have to slash EVERY bush and every item to get the full value. I am NOT interested in doing everything on a map.

There are 3 goals when you are going through Expeditions:
1) Get all quests done towards Mastery
2) Utilize Energy positive situations (Vases and Skulls)
3) Get out with Max XP per Energy Spent

Ram Runner is a 4 Hour Expedition. It is the shortest time given on any current Expedition and it gives a lot of people problems trying to get it done in time.

NAME: Ram Runner
TIME: 4 Hours
RESOURCES: 700 Supplies, 2 Food, 2 Fuel, 2 Water
MAP TYPE: Mountain

SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT: Pickaxe 3 dmg, Machete 3 dmg

1 - 3 quests - 400 coins, 5 water
2 - 3 quests - 450 coins, 8 water
3 - 6 quests - 500 coins, 12 water
4 - 12 quests - 600 coins, 15 water
5 - 24 quests - 700 coins, 20 water

Claim The Ram Stein! - Get the Ram Stein
Collect Jade Vases - Get Jade Vases (0/5)
Collect Ruby Vases - Get Ruby Vases (0/2)

Adventure World



Adventure World

First off we want to avoid the Rams at all cost. There is no reason to hit or be hit from any of them.

As we pass by the first set of Rams on each side we get to the Blue and Red Spike Trap Switches. Clear the Medium Rocks (3 HP) [A & B] in front of each Switch before hitting both of them back to back [C & D]. When both Rocks are cleared, hit both switches and move on ahead of the 4 Rams.


Adventure World

Grab the 2 Jade Vases [A & B] from behind the Bushes as you come to the next set of Switches. They are hidden behind Suspicious Rocks. The top left unlock the Blue Trap, which we want to ignore. Go instead to the top right now and unlock it to release the Orange Trap [C]. 3 of the 4 Rams should be trapped behind the Medium Rock where the 2 Jade Vases were. Head down the back side of the area you are in taking out the 2 Bushes. Lead the loose Ram left and then take him back right to get ahead of him. Then run to the Giant Rock (5 HP).


Adventure World

2x 3 Dmg Pickaxe strikes later you're through to the next section. [A]

Chop down the Mountain Shrub to get the Jade Vase [B],


Adventure World

Adventure World

The next Bush for that Jade Vase [A]. Grab the Ruby Vase [B] as you head down to the switch area, going to the inside to bypass the Bush. Chop down the Mountain Shrub [C]. Hit the first Switch, grab the Jade Vase, and then from behind hit the second Switch. Leave the final Bush and Rock alone.

Pass over the Red trap and chop the Bush to gain access to the Ruby Vase [D]. Then back around the left loop to get the Ruby Vase [E]. This will release the Ram but you will be able to outpace the Ram no problem.

Big Rock [F] and Bush will get you to the last main section.


Adventure World

For a "perfect run" you should actually skip the Jade Vase. (Our average XP per Energy is over 12. The Rock/Jade combo only nets us 9 XP for 1 Energy). Then loop around the outside through 2 Mountain Shrubs and a Bush to get a Azure Skull.


Adventure World

One more Vine and one more Big Rock and you are at the Ram Stein and the Expedition is over.

Ram Runner requires 700 Supplies with a cost of 1225 coins (based on 4 Hour Trader). It requires 0 Gadgets for a total cost of 1225 coins.
My Coin Reward for my optimal run through was 1489 based on the 5 Star 700 bonus for +264 coins.
My run required 27 Energy
The 5 Star Master Resource reward is 20 Water for a 0.74 Resource per Energy Spent.
The XP Reward was 343 for a 12.70 XP per Energy Spent.

Thanks Swaggers to share this nice guide


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