Adventure World Guide: Tool Upgrades to Save Energy

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Did you know that by upgrading your tools you will save energy? That's right, upgraded tools do more damage and therefore use less energy!

Part 1: How upgrading your tools will save you energy

Every tool you use does a specific amount of damage. Take this level 1 whip, for example, it will do one (1) point of damage every time you hit a snake with it.

Upgrading Tools

That means that you will use 3-5 energy for a snake with 3 health (since critters can hit you back, costing you energy). Now what if you had a level 2 whip and were doing two (2) points of damage with each hit?

Upgrading Tools

Now you can get rid of the same snake in 2 clicks instead of 3, which means you will be using 2-3 energy. So by upgrading your whip by just one level you can save between 1 and 2 energy points every time you run across a critter with 3 points of health.

Part 2: Upgrading your tools

  • To start upgrading your tools, as well as to see what is required and what is available, click on your Tool Shop.

Tool Shop

  • You will be able to see all your tools under the "Tools" tab, click on the image for each one to see available options. When one of your tools is eligible for an upgrade you will see an option to upgrade it, as well as the price in coins.


  • If you have not yet reached the required character level for an upgrade you will see what level you will have to reach.


  • Certain tool upgrades will require you to upgrade your Tool Sop first. When you see this stated on a tool it means that your character level is high enough, but your Tool Shop level is not.


  • In order to access higher tool levels you will have to upgrade your Tool Shop; you can do so from the "Upgrade" tab. Click on "Start Upgrade" to see the requirements.


  • Whenever you are eligible for a new tool upgrade you will see a message at the bottom of your screen informing you that a better tool is available.

Upgrate Available

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