Armies of Magic Guide: Best Silver Making

Armies of Magic

Silver is the most basic and important currency in the Armies of Magic. Without Silver, you cannot train troops, building buildings, or conduct research. Thus, it is very important for you to understand the most efficient ways of getting Silver in Armies of Magic. In this guide to earn more silver points, we will provide several guidelines for you to generate and make more Silvers in Armies of Magic.

Winning Raids and Battles and Minimize Loss

You can gain significantly amount of silver every time when you successfully claim victory in Armies of Magic battles. It is important for you to finalize and perfect your strategy to minimize your Armies of Magic losses. Upgrade your units, use spells, and healers to make your units live longer. By winning raids and story battles consistently and easily, you can generate great amount of silver in Armies of Magic.

Keep Up With Your Research

However, you have to make sure that your Armies of Magic research can keep up with you. Always have some research in process whenever possible. In general, you will be able to make more silver by having higher level buildings and lower your combat losses. Always conduct research to obtain the ability to earn more silver – either directly or indirectly.

Build Advanced Goods Buildings

With higher level research, you will be able to build more advanced goods production buildings. In general, higher level goods production buildings will net you better silver gain. By building the advanced versions of silver production buildings, you will be able to net additional silver within shorter period of time.

Aim for the Shortest Production Duration Period

The best silver production ratio is typically the shortest one. For example, the 5 minute one will generate faster silver for you in Armies of Magic over the long period of time – given that you can play nonstop. However, you should always setup the exact time that you know you will be collecting from your goods buildings. For example, if you know that you are going to school for 3 hours, then set the goods production period for 3 hours. The less down time that your Armies of Magic silver production has, the more silver that you will end up earning.

Completing Armies of Magic Quests

You will usually earn good amount of silver every time that you complete the quests. When you are not sure on how to advance further in the game, completion of the quests are typically a very good indicator for you to level up and earn more resources like silver.

Level Up to Earn Silver

You will earn great amount of silver when you level up, usually when you level up, you will be able to get enough silver to conduct the research and buildings of the same level. Leveling up in Armies of Magic can boost your silver count through leveling up rewards.

Friends Rewards

Sometimes when you give free gifts to your friends and Armies of Magic allies, their return gift can be in the form of Silver if they have already gifted you something in Armies of Magic.

The Fastest Way to Earn Silver

The fastest method to make silver in Armies of Magic is to combine raiding with the shortest silver production period. What you can do is to send out armies to complete story line quests while at the same time start the silver production. You also want to make sure that you have winning battling strategies that will lower your troop losses. With less troops lost per battle, you will be able to keep more of that silver. You can then invest the extra silver into upgrading and advancing Armies of Magic research and buildings.

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