Armies of Magic Guide: How to Win in Military Battle

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Armies of Magic

Given that Armies of Magic in essence is Strategy game, you will need to apply different strategies to win consistently in battles. Here below will go over the different areas of Armies of Magic that you can improve your game play strategies to win more often and loot more resources.

Unlock Additional Units Early

To gain an edge over the NPC enemies and player Cities, you want to unlock new units as soon as you have leveled up. By able to command higher level Armies of Magic units with stronger stats, you can have easier time of overpowering the enemies in the heat of battle. In addition, the additional upgrades will increase the higher level units'stats even further.

Upgrade Your Military Units

The earlier you can upgrade your military units, the easier time that you will have in all of your subsequent Armies of Magic battles. Always upgrade the highest level units that you can command to the higher possible of upgrades possible. With upgraded units, you can beat the non-upgraded battle units the majority of the time. Make sure that you recruit plenty of Armies of Magic neighbors to obtain all of the building materials necessary.

Crystal Management

The ability to management crystal efficiently throughout the game is essential to winning. To open up the battle, you can deploy 4 miners and 1 scout as tank for faster initial crystal gain. Then you can deploy additional units. Managing your crystal amount throughout the fight with more advanced units is crucial. During mid-battle you should deploy even more miners to speed up your crystal gain.

Tank and Ranged Unit Strategy

You should never let your ranged units face the enemy directly. Always deploy tank melee units to stay in front of your ranged units such as archers and crossbow man. It is a smart idea to upgrade your melee tank units first so that they can withstand more damage while minimize and lower your combat casualties. Then you can focus on getting the ranged armies of magic DPS units into high levels to deal damage even faster.

Obtain War Shrine Battle Bonuses

Build and ask your neighbors to help fill the slots for your battle shrines. These shrines can boost your units' battle ability during combat. War Shrines can boost Strength, Speed Shrines increases movement speed, and Health Shrine add additional health to your units. Whenever you can and you know you will play the game for a while, activate the shrine bonuses to give you the additional edge in battle. These shrine boosts can really make a different in winning and defeating your Armies of Magic opponents.

Use of Armies of Magic Spells

Spells can deal damage to your enemies early on in the game. Always have a stack of spells available so that you can defeat your enemy's military units while fastening your own building speed. Additional guides will be written on the uses of Armies of Magic spell usage.

Purchase Gold Units Early in Game

To get some easy raiding and defensive raiding wins early on in the level, you can consider purchasing the gold units such as Armies of Magic witches. By utilizing these units early in the levels, you will be able to defeat the players of same rank easily. However, these units become less and less effective as you progress the levels and upgrade other military units.

Battle Speed Up

This tip will simply increase your game play speed. You can adjust the combat speed at the battle screen on the bottom right hand side. Although this method will not give you an edge in winning, you can complete the battles at a faster speed. Playing at slow speed at earlier levels is a waste of time. You should increase the play speed gradually until you know you will win the battles for sure.

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