Armies of Magic Review: Brings All the Fun of Dide-Scrolling Defense to Facebook

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Armies of Magic

Armies of Magic puts players in control of a fantasy army that will march across the screen and do battle with any and every enemy they come across. Like the aforementioned mobile games, the basic strategy lies in knowing which troops to unleash at which times. Since you won't need to do any of the fighting directly – your troops will move and fight automatically – it becomes a game of timing, as well as knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your different troops.

By Jim Squires From Gamezebo

In Armies of Magic, thanks to a smart energy system, You won't simply be able to flood your screen with troops and dominate your AI opponent in every match. Players will need to pay a certain amount of energy crystals to release new fighters into the fray, and these crystals need to be mined in the middle of combat by a specialized troop type – the miner. You can have multiple miners working at once to speed up your crystal production, but the more you have, the closer they'll get to the enemy – and as you might expect, a slaughtered miner doesn't get much done.

Armies of Magic

The mechanics mentioned above will likely feel familiar to any veteran of side-scrolling defense games, but they're pulled off well and with plenty of style. Little touches, like the ability to speed up time, three distinctly different races to choose from (elf, dwarf, or human) and a lengthy campaign mode would be enough to call Armies of Magic a success all on its own – but this is only half the game.

Armies of Magic

The other half plants its roots in a fairly customary Facebook trope – city building. But instead of sprucing up a village to make it prettier or setting up a few shops to make it wealthier, everything you'll be doing here is to better prepare you for war.

Armies of Magic

Your city is where you'll be able to create buildings that can train new troops – and since troops that die in battle stay dead, training new troops becomes one of the most crucial elements in Armies of Magic. But getting new troops isn't as easy as just placing an order with the coins you've earned in battle. You'll need people to train, and those people come from houses. But the more houses you build, the lower your culture rating drops – and if it hits zero or lower troop production will grind to a halt. Likewise, once you reach level 8 an asynchronous multiplayer mode in which other players can raid your city begins – so you'll want to build defenses (and even station some of your troops) to try and fight off the impending horde. It's a delicate balance, but it's fairly easy to achieve.

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