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How can I proceed to the neighboring map?
In order to proceed to the neighboring map you’ll need to purchase new maps from the in-game shop. Each new map costs Cash and Intel. Enemy units and structures may drop Intel upon destruction. You can also ask your Allies to send you Intel or buy it with Facebook Credits.

How do I conquer land?
You conquer the land by moving your unit on the enemy territory. If there is an enemy defence on that land ie Barricades you need to destroy them before you can conquer it. Conquered tiles turn green.

How do I get more units?
To get more units you must first construct the corresponding building. When a building is finished your unit cap for the specific unit is raised and you may purchase new units from the in-game shop.
For example: Player wants to have more Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs). First player needs to purchase and construct a Motor Pool, which will unlock APC in the in-game shop while also raising player’s unit cap for armored vehicles by two from initial two to four. After this, in order to purchase more APCs than four, player will have to build additional Motor Pools.

Units, Attack and Buildings

Can my Units Die?
When your unit has lost all of its hit points it will need to be repaired/healed to function again. If the unit isn’t repaired/healed in a given time, the unit will cease to exist.
Healing units costs Supplies and you can see the cost of repairing/healing by clicking on the wounded unit. Remember to ask your Allies for help to heal your units. This way you’ll be able to save a lot of Supplies.

How do the defenses work?
Defensive structures shoot at the enemy when it enters its defensive parameter. Move your cursor over the defensive structure to see the size of the parameter.

Where do I get the building items to finish buildings?
Upon destruction, Enemy units and structures, as well as Barricades and Mines may drop building items.
You can also save time by purchasing missing items with Facebook Credits by clicking on the unfinished building and buying the missing items.

What are Fire Calls?
Fire Calls are a devastating air strike. Fire Calls can be ordered by clicking on the explosion button located on the bottom left. Each Fire Call has a cost of three to five predetermined collection items. All of the collection items are gained by destroying enemy units, so the more units you destroy the more likely you’ll be issuing those devastating Fire Calls. You may also get the needed Collection Items from your Allies or by purchasing them with Facebook Credits.

Currency Help

How can I get more Cash?
The two most significant sources of Cash are from battles and towns. You get Cash every time you attack enemy units and structures. You can also generate Cash by starting productions in the freed town. Remember that starting productions in town consumes Supplies.
You can also purchase Cash with Facebook Credits from the in-game shop.

How can I get more Energy?
Energy is automatically regenerated over time at a rate of one Energy every 5 minutes until the Energy bar is full. You can also get more Energy by visiting your allies’ or asking your allies to send you Energy drops.

How can I get more Supplies?
Supplies are delivered on Drop Zones. Just place a Drop Zone on your game area then click on the Drop Zone to select the drop you want. Remember that the drops containing more Supplies cost more Cash and have longer delivery times. Friends can also aid each other by sending Supply Drops. Clicking on Building's Bonuses will give you Supplies as well.
You can also purchase Supplies with Facebook Credits from the in-game shop.

What are the different resources and currencies in the game? Supplies
Supplies can be used to repair units that are damaged, as well as be traded for coins at Cities such as SouthGate

The main currency in the game to buy most shop items. You can earn more cash by;
  • Converting Supplies
  • Daily Bonus
  • Bonus from Buildings
  • Destroying Enemy Units
  • Destroying Enemy Defences etc..
If you have Facebook Credits you can convert your Facebook Credits for Cash also!

Facebook Credits
Using Facebook credits is the primary way to hurry through certain parts of the game and early un-lock special units, defences and storage. These can only obtained by purchasing them with real money.

Performance and Miscellaneous

Can I restart the game?
Currently no, however in the future there may be an option to do that - let your voice be heard in the Feedback area!

My game runs really slow what can I do?
If your game lags or runs slow then you can toggle the quality to low by clicking the down Settings Icon in the bottom right area of your screen (above the tick and cross) and then clicking on the eye

How do I enable Full-Screen?
Full Screen can be enable via the Full Screen Icon located on the right side of the screen. Just above The Sound and Quality button.

Error messages?
If you are seeing an error message it is suggested that you refresh the page first. If this does not solve the issue then either try another web browser, check your internet connection and/or make sure you have the most up-to-date version of your browser and Adobe Flash. Additionally visit the Assault Attack forums for information if you are still having issues.

Error in Purchasing Facebook Credits™ Items?
Incase of purchasing errors through Facebook Credits™ you can contact Facebook Help center regarding your purchasing error for Facebook Credits™ here. Facebook can also be contacted directly here.
If you have already Contacted Facebook and still your game currency is not delivered to your account then please write to us on support. While contacting us please make sure you have attached the confirmation e-mail and the acknowledgment receipt that you have received after your purchase.

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