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What's the Atlantis?

Clear the ocean floor and rebuild the legendary city of Atlantis, just in time for the Princess's wedding to a mysterious stranger!


How do I clear plants and rocks from my sea floor?

To clear a plant (seaweed, kelp) or a rock, simply click on it. If you have energy, your character will run over and try to clear it. Each plant or rock requires some amount of work to clear, as some are tougher than others. If a piece of seaweed requires 4 attempts, you need to click on it 4 times to completely clear that piece of seaweed. If you don't have enough energy, you can come back to it later.

What happens when I run out of energy?

Energy recovers over time, but if you want energy right now, you can get energy in one of several ways:

  1. Packs of energy may be purchased with Food in the Packs section of the game shop.
  2. You may completely refill your energy with Facebook credits in the Packs section of the game shop.
  3. Send energy to your friends. When you send an item that you need, you can request energy in return.
  4. Check your gifts. You may have energy that friends sent to you that you haven't used yet.
  5. When you clear the sea floor, you have a chance to get energy.
  6. By visiting your friends, and the Sea King, you get one energy per day. It also gives you a chance to clear their sea floor to hunt for more energy.

How do I make more Coins?

Coins may be collected by doing many things:

  1. Clear the sea floor. Each time you clear a plant or rock, you have the chance to get coins.
  2. Build and restock your buildings! While visitors are using your buildings, you will consistently gain coins. The more visitors and buildings, the more you make.
  3. Finish your quests. Quests give coin rewards (in addition to experience and lots of other useful items).
  4. Stroll over to your friends cities. You can use their amusements to get gold, clear their sea floor, and restock their buildings. All of these will give you coins.
  5. Keep your visitors happy. While a visitor is scared, they are not using your buildings and giving you coins.
  6. Check your friends' feeds. Many of their announcements give rewards.
  7. You can sell buildings and decorations for a reduced amount of their purchase price.

What is “Allure” and why do I need it?

"Allure" tells potential visitors how attractive and exciting your city is. The more allure you have, the more visitors you receive.

Why did my Allure go down? Does this affect how many visitors I have?

When buildings and attractions are empty, they lose their allure. This can make some visitors leave, if they require highly alluring cities.

Why do I need Decorations?

Decorations add Allure to your city, which brings visitors. Decorations are easier to build than buildings and never lose their Allure. Decorations also allow you to make Atlantis your own.

What are buildings? What are amusements?

Buildings and amusements are places that your visitors can go to and interact with. This may be a food vendor, a game, or a place to rest.

Why should I restock my buildings?

While your buildings are empty, they have no allure, and visitors cannot use them. You will not make any money and your visitors may leave.

Why is my visitor shaking?

Visitors don't like monsters in the city. When a visitor encounters a monster, they will flee and shake for awhile, until they feel safe enough to continue their visit. Keep visitors happy by killing the monsters around your city. You can also calm them down by clicking on a visitor. Talking to a visitor to calm them down does not require energy.

How do I turn off the sound?

Click on the settings button (which looks like a gear on the lower right side of the page) which expands to show the settings that you can change. Click on the music notes to turn the music on and off and the speaker to turn the sounds on and off.

What is Food good for?

Food gives you energy! You can purchase energy packs in the store with food.

What is Driftwood used for?

Driftwood may be found all along the sea floor, hidden in the seaweed and kelp. It is the backbone construction resource for all buildings, amusements, and defenders.

Where do I get resources like Pearls, Seashells, Flotsam, and Jetsam?

There are many ways to collect resources in Atlantis:

  1. The most common way to collect resources is to clear plant life and rocks from the sea floor.
  2. You can send resources as gifts to your friends and receive resources as gifts in return.
  3. You can purchase resources in packs from the shop.
  4. Some quests can give resources when you complete them.

What are powers?

Powers are single-use items that may be found by clearing the sea floor, completing quests, or from wonders.

What's the Seaweed Whacker for?

The Seaweed Whacker will clear an entire piece of seaweed or kelp in one shot while it is active. It's quite an energy saver, and gives you a lot of resources in a short amount of time.

What happens when you use the Jetsam Sonar?

The Jetsam Sonar helps you find Jetsam for a time. While active, you find a lot more Jetsam among the Sea Floor plant life when you clear it.

What does the Dolphin Dance do?

These helpful dolphins will restock your buildings while the dance is active.

How does Hyper-aide help me?

Hyper-aide makes you, and all visitors move at a frenetic pace. This allows you to do your duties quicker and makes your visitors use your buildings faster.

How do I stop the seaweed and kelp from growing?

Seaweed needs clear ground to grow. Any space that has a building, decoration, or floor tile will block the growth of seaweed and kelp.

What are Defenders?

Defenders are stationary sentries that protect your city from monsters and comfort your frightened visitors. Buildings within their radius will also be protected from Sargasso growth.

What do Wonders do?

Wonders are Power generators. For instance, the Colossus of Roads gives a Seaweed Whacker each day.

What do I need Neighbors for?

Neighbors can help you by sending you resources. You can also visit them to gain energy, coins, experience, and resources. You can also see how your friends have decorated their cities!

My friend sent me a Gift. Where is it?

You should have a game request from Facebook. Go to that page by clicking on "Game Requests" on the left side of your main Facebook screen. Press the "Accept" button next to your gift and it will bring you back to Atlantis. Your gift will be in inventory. Click on the Chest icon in the lower right of the screen.

How do I defeat monsters like the Eel?

All you need to do is click on a monster to attack it. Each time you attack, the monster will take some amount of damage, shown in the health bar above its head. When it runs out of health, it is defeated.

Atlantis won't load for me. Or I keep getting error messages. What should I do?

While we attempt to keep our servers running at all times, occasionally they may go down. We will work as hard and as quickly as possible to fix the problem. Some things that you can try:

  1. Reload the page. If we recently updated the game, you may need to refresh to get the additional content.
  2. Clear the temporary internet files from your browser. There could be something that causes a conflict.
  3. Check your Flash version. If it's out of date, that could cause a problem.

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