Baking Life: How to Earn Coins from Neighbors

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Our neighbors in social games are always assets. It's either we get more coins or experience points. In Baking Life, there are a couple of ways you can earn coins when you have neighbors. Here are some tips for you to maximize your coin earnings in the game.

Baking Life: How to Earn Coins from Neighbors

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We get to hire friends to be part of our staff in Baking Life for us to save on costs, which is beneficial to your bakery's business. But, we can also choose to work in our neighbor's bakery and get extra tips. So, how do we get them? Do they just appear in our coin storage daily as a bonus? Nope. They appear at your neighbor's bakery in one of their cash registers.

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This only happens when you've responded to their request for staff members. Look at their walls and find a wanted ad and click on the link that says "Help and get a bonus". You'll then get a message saying that you've got the job and you will receive a signing bonus! More coins.

Baking Life

Take note that someone might have filled that vacancy so if you see one, start clicking. You can only do this once for every neighbor.

Now that you've been hired. This is where the tip jar comes in. You know you're working for your friend if you see the tip jar when you visit them along with the money bag. Extra 450 coins for the taking.

You can also earn coins when you visit your neighbors daily and you get 300 worth of coins. Here's a tip. Looking at your neighbor's list, you'll see a silver coin in a pink circle at the upper left of their picture. This means that you have coins waiting for you. Once you've collected it for the day, that will disappear. The screenshot below shows the first two and the last one hasn't been collected yet. The rest has been and if you are at your neighbor's bakery, the box is colored orange.

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