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Hulls, along with Armor are the two products researched by the Naval Lab. There are seven different hulls currently available to research, with each one progressively more capable and slower than the last.


The Gunboat hull is the default hull, and is unlocked when the game is first joined. It is described as a "small motorboat". best use as a scoutboat. Also it can be repaired instantly.

Gunboat Stats

Weapon Slots 1
Armor Slots 1
Special Slots 0
Armor Points 10
Max Weight 31 tons
Cargo 656
Evade Bonus 33%
Speed 50 mph


The Skirmisher hull is the first hull a player may unlock, and is described as a "lightly armored hovercraft". The Skirmisher is featured on the loading screen for Battle Pirates. Best used as an "armoured' scoutboat.

Skirmisher Stats

Weapon Slots 1
Armor Slots 1
Special Slots 0
Armor Points 27
Max Weight 82 tons
Cargo 1,968
Evade bonus 25%
Speed 43 MPH


The Longship hull is the second hull a player may unlock, and is described as a "highly mechanized frigate". The Longship is the first hull to have more than one Weapon Slot and Armor Slot. Best used to destroy weak scoutboats

Longship Stats

Weapon Slots 2
Armor Slots 2
Special Slots 0
Armor Points 72
Max Weight 216 tons
Cargo 7,871
Evade Bonus 20%
Speed 37 MPH


The Marauder hull is the third hull a player may unlock, and is described as a "heavily armored hovercraft". The Marauder's shape appears to be heavily based upon the Longship's, with the addition of 2 fins on each side. This hull is best to attack important locations that are averagly armed.

This is the first ship hull that has a Special Item slot and the last ship to receive and Evade bonus.

Marauder Stats

Weapon Slots 3
Armor Slots 2
Special Slots 1
Armor Points​ 190
Max Weight 570 tons
Cargo 31,482
Evade Bonus 10%

Battle Barge

The Battle Barge hull is the fourth hull a player may unlock, and is described as a "gigantic barge". Good for attacking heavily armored places.

Battle Barge Stats

Weapon Slots 4
Armor Slots 2
Special Slots 2
Armor Points 466
Max Weight 1,397 tons
Cargo 113,335
Evade Bonus 0
Research Requirements Naval Lab 6
Research Time 1d 4h 7m
Research Oil 996,753
Research Metal 797,402
Research Energy 747,565
Research Zynthium 897,078
Build Time 13hrs-19hrs
Build Oil max. 900,000
Build Metal max. 1,000,000
Build Energy max. 900,000
Build Zynthium max. 850,000


The Leviathan hull is the fifth hull a player may unlock, and is described as a "battleship". The Leviathan appears to be to the Battle Barge as the Marauder is to the Longship. Great to attack important places that are heavily armed.

Leviathan Stats

Weapon Slots 5
Armor Slots 3
Special Slots 2
Armor Points 1,074
Max Weight 3,222 tons
Cargo 374,006
Evade Bonus 0


The Seawolf is the sixth and second last hull to be unlocked.

Weapon Slots 5
Armor Slots 1
Special Slots 3
Armor Points 550
Max Weight 2,300
Cargo 195,000
Evade Bonus 0
Research Requirements

Naval Lab 9

Battle Barge

Research Time 8d 18h 56m
Research Oil 9,594,896
Research Metal 7,675,917
Research Energy 7,196,172
Research Zynthium 8,635,406

Floating Fortress

The Floating Fortress hull is the seventh and final hull a player may unlock, and is described as "the largest ship on the high seas". Being the most capable hull, each Floating Fortress hull takes over a week to build. On the Casual Collective Forums, the Floating Fortress is often used as a running gag, used to represent 'instant death'. Best used for mining, Floating Fortresses can hold massive amounts of resources and are easily defensible.

Weapon Slots 6
Armor Slots 3
Armor Points 2,317
Max Weight 6,951 tons
Cargo 1,122,018
Evade Bonus 0

Mercenery Fleet

The Mercenery Fleet is a fleet your friends give you. You can deploy it every 12 hours.

The ships are 3 of your highest hull, and 2 of your second highest. Armor and weaponry seems to also follow your tech.

Hull Research

Hulls are researched in the Naval Lab. The following table details the requirements for unlocking each hull.

Hull Oil Metal Energy Zynthiam Time Requirements
Gunboat - - - - - -
Battle Barge 996,753 797,402 747,565 987,078 1D 4H 07M Naval Lab Level 6
Leviathan 4,176,421 3,341,137 3,132,316 3,758,779 5D 20H 37M Naval Lab Level 8
Seawolf 9,594,896 7,675,917 7,196,172 8,635,406 8D 18H 56m Naval Lab Level 9
Floating Fortress 15,608,090 12,486,472 11,706,068 14,047,281 11D 17H 15m Naval Lab Level 10

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