Bayou Blast Preview: Continue the Goal of Blasting

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By Aj Glasser From Inside Social Games

Casual game developer GameHouse wants to break into the top 10 social game developers ranked by daily active users on Facebook in the next six months. The company plans to accomplish this goal with its franchise of "Blast" social games, beginning with Collapse! Blast and continuing with the upcoming Bayou Blast.

Once Bayou Blast made, the gems are cleared from the board for a score bonus and new gems fall into the puzzle to replace them. Play continues until a timer expires and then the player's total score is calculated to determine their rank relative to their friends'scores. At launch, the game will be monetized through the sale of power-ups. In the future, it'd be easy to create more monetization around the number of times per day a user can play and any friend gates the developer would like to add to new levels.

Bayou Blast

It's an easy enough mechanic to grasp, even if it does seem like the kind of game better suited to a touch interface on tablets. Hulett says its important to grow an audience on Facebook first before carrying over to the mobile market because mobile is simply more fragmented.

The "Blast" treatment for classic GameHouse titles isn't too different from what does with its “Saga” series of casual games on Facebook. The difference here is that GameHouse doesn't offer a portal app on Facebook that allows players to experience essentially the same game in two locations. Hulett's feeling is that portals would dilute average revenue per user across all its apps.

Bayou Blast launches on Facebook toward the end of October. After that, GameHouse plans to release a game based on Fremantle Media's Lets Make a Deal game show. Hulett declined to detail the developer's current release schedule for mobile games, but he did remind us that GameHouse already has experience in the market and licensing deals with games like Doodle Jump for non-iOS devices.



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