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Bubble Safari is a bubble game from Zynga, and this guide will tell you how to play it!

By Darcie King From Gamezebo

Welcome to the quick start guide for Bubble Safari, a new Facebook game from Zynga. In this arcade game you will find yourself aiming your bubble cannon at rows upon rows of colored bubbles in an attempt to clear the screen. Match colors and use special bonus bubbles to drop large sections of bubbles to score points and earn stars to unlock the next levels.

Getting Started

Bubble Safari

Navigating the Screen

Bubble Safari

  • At the top of the screen you will find your cash balance, your energy balance, and your coin balance.
  • On the left side of the screen you can request bubbles from your friends.
  • At the bottom of the screen you will find the power-ups you have unlocked. Clicking on one of them will open the power-up store.


  • Coins: Coins are the currency of Bubble Safari. Coins can be used to purchase power-ups. Coins are earned when you complete a level for the first time. Coins can also be earned by replaying a level and earning an additional star.
  • Cash: Cash is the premium currency in Bubble Safari. Cash can be used to purchase additional bubbles in a level, special power-ups, energy, and to hire help if you don't have enough friends playing the game.
  • Energy: Energy allows you to play levels. You need three energy points to play a level. If you beat the level you will earn those points back. Energy refreshes at a rate of three points every thirty minutes. When you run out of energy you will need to wait for it to replenish or purchase energy using cash.
  • Bubbles: You will be popping bubbles by matching bubble colors. You want to match three or more of the same color to pop the bubbles. You will need to aim your bubble cannon to best make matches. As you progress in the game you will need to learn to bounce the bubbles off the walls at specific angles to clear some of the levels.

Bubble Safari

  • Hummingbirds: Hummingbirds will enter a level when you make a match. If you miss a shot one of the hummingbirds will leave the scene. You can have three hummingbirds on the screen at one time. When you pop bubbles that are holding other bubbles up, the bubbles will turn to fruit and bounce off the heads of the hummingbirds, gaining you point bonuses before falling into the bowls at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fruit: When you pop bubbles, any other colored bubbles that are being held up by those bubbles will fall and turn to fruit. When the fruit drops it will hopefully land in one of the three bowls at the bottom of the screen and earn you additional points. You points can increase when the fruit bounces off of hummingbirds on the way down.

Bubble Safari

  • Power-Ups: Power-ups can be purchased to aid you in a level. Some of the power-ups can be purchased using coins, while others require cash to purchase. You can have up to three power-ups at one time and they will last for three levels. Power-ups can give you bonus bubbles, allow you to start a level with three hummingbirds, and many other power-up options.
  • Stars: You need at least one star to successfully complete a level. Stars are earned by amassing points through popping bubbles and dropping fruit.
  • Fruit Bonus: Once you have completed a level by clearing then bubbles from the top row all remaining bubbles will turn to fruit and drop. Afterwards, any bubbles you have remaining for your bubble cannon will turn into a fruit bonus. Your cannon will fire all the remaining bubbles and they will fall back down, hopefully into one of the three bowls at the bottom of the screen.

Bubble Safari

  • Boost Bubble: As you earn points during a level you will notice the boost bubble bar on the left side of your screen filling up. Once it is full you can spin the wheel and earn a special bonus bubble. You can choose to use the bubble or use two cash to re-spin.

Bubble Safari

  • Leaderboard: Visit the leaderboard to see how you rank against your friends playing the game.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Bubble Safari

  • The game itself is fairly straightforward. Aim your bubble cannon and match colored bubbles to pop them. However, the level layouts, coconuts blocking your way, and beehives full of angry bees make this game easy to learn but challenging to master.
  • The first thing you will need to do is select the level you wish to play. This will open the level window.

Bubble Safari

  • Here you will be able to see the scores of any friends who have already played the level.
  • You can also purchase power-ups here. There will be three recommended ones, or you can click on the power-up store button to choose from more options.
  • Once you are ready to begin the level click on the play button.
  • The first thing to look at is the layout of the level. To complete a level you need to clear ten bubbles from the top row (which you may not be able to see yet) and earn enough points to notch at least one star.

Bubble Safari

  • At the bottom of the screen you will find your monkey manning the bubble cannon.
  • You will be able to see two bubbles. The top one is currently loaded in your cannon and the bottom one is the next bubble that will be loaded.
  • You can switch between these two bubbles by tapping the spacebar.
  • Now it’s time to start playing the game.

Bubble Safari

  • Aim your cannon (a dotted line will give you an idea of the angle your bubble will travel) at a bubble or collection of bubbles that are the same color as the bubble in your cannon.
  • Click your mouse to shoot the bubble. If it connects to make a match of three or more of the same bubbles they will all pop. If not, it will be added to the level.
  • As you remove rows, you will scroll up and see more rows.
  • Once you can see the top row of the level you will want to begin focusing on clearing it.
  • Once you have cleared ten bubbles from the top row you will earn 25,000 points and all the remaining bubbles will turn to fruit and drop, hopefully falling into the bowls below.
  • If you have any remaining bubbles for your cannon they will be shot into the air and turned into fruit for an additional bonus.
  • On the right side of the screen you can see a bar with three stars on it. As you earn points that bar will begin to fill. You will need to reach at least the first star to complete the level.

Bubble Safari

  • If you cleared ten bubbles from the top row and earned enough points to earn one star you will have beaten the level and unlocked the next one.
  • You will be able to see how your score stacks up against your friends and be returned to the main map.

Bubble Safari

  • Once on the main map you will be rewarded with coins and three energy points.
  • You can replay any level again and if you beat it you will always earn the energy points. However, you only earn coins when you reach the next star level. Once you've earned one star for a level, you will need to earn two stars to earn coins again.
  • As you progress through the levels you will begin to run across various obstacles.
  • The first obstacle you will run across is coconuts. Coconuts can only be removed by popping all the bubbles holding them up or by using a fire bubble.
  • Fire bubbles are a bonus bubble that can be earned by creating chains of popped bubbles.
  • Once your bubbles are on fire you will be able to shoot three fire bubbles and they will remove surrounding bubbles, as well as any coconuts in range.

Bubble Safari

  • The second obstacle you will run across are steel bubbles. They can only be removed by popping the bubbles holding them up.

Bubble Safari

  • Once you have completed the first section of the game you will unlock a new portion of the map. Here you will run into the third obstacle, bee hives.
  • If you pop bubbles near a beehive, or hit it with a bubble, it will begin a countdown. You will have five turns to remove the beehive from the level by dropping it or shooting it with a fire bubble.
  • If you don't remove it in time the hive will drop and the bees will attack the monkey manning your cannon.
  • While the bees are attacking, the monkey will fire two to three bubbles off in various directions, essentially wasting them.
  • If you find yourself stuck on a level you can request bubbles from friends. These bubbles will be available to you to use at any time during the level and can be accessed on the left side of the screen.
  • If you fail a level by running out of bubbles before removing ten bubbles from the last row, you will be given the opportunity to purchase additional bubbles using cash so you can continue the level.
  • If you fail a level because you cleared it but did not earn enough points, you will need to try again and replay the level.



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