Bubble Safari Power Ups Guide

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As players progress through Bubble Safari, they will unlock several Power Ups.  Each Power Up provides its own special advantage to players.  Power Ups must be purchased from the studio prior to them being available in a level.  For each purchased power up, players will have it available for the next 3 attempted levels.  

Lion Cub – Unlocked at Level 10 - +6 Extra Bubbles per level

Bubble Safari Lion Cub

Splitter – Unlocked at Level 13 – Start level with Splitter Bird

Lemur – Unlocked at Level 16 – +2 Extra Bubbles from Friends slots per level

Bubble Safari Lemur

Fire Lizard – Unlocked at Level 19 – Extra Fire Bubbles when on fire

Bubble Safari Fire Lizard

Elephant – Unlocked at Level 24 – Extends your Bubble Shooter's Aim

Bubble Safari Elephant

Rhino – Unlocked at Level 32 – Undo last shot 1 time per level

Bubble Safari Rhino

Giraffe – Unlocked at Level 37 – Allows you to peak to the top of the level twice per level

Bubble Safari Giraffe



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