Bubble Safari Tips: Some Points You Need to Pay Attention

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When you play Bubble Safari, there are some points you should care about. Let's see what are they!

How to Play

Bubble Safari How to Play

  • Use your Mouse to aim and fire the Shooter. After you passing a level, you can also control the shooter. So the rest bubbles will be shot out by the angle you want. We still don't know the best angle which can make them drop in the middle crock.  
  • Match THREE or more of the same color to POP. The more, the better!
  • Pop TEN Bubbles in the Top Row to clear the Level. So in my opinion, we'd better to shoot the Top Row instead of others.


Bubble Safari Hummingbirds

  • Pop Bubbles to attract Hummingbirds! They help you score more points. If you can pop a lot of bubbles, they will come. But we still don't know the exact number.
  • Keep POPPING Bubbles to make your Hummingbirds more powerful.
  • If you miss a shot the Hummingbirds fly away. So try your best to keep popping!

On Fire

Bubble Safari On Fire

  • Congratulations! You're ON FIRE! You dropped Fruit THREE times in a row.
  • Your next THREE shots are Fire Bubbles, which are very powerful. When you shoot them, they seem to become bombs! So intresting!
  • The ON FIRE bix shows how many Fire Bubbles you have left. You can find it on the lower right corner.

Press Spacebar to Swap your Bubbles!

Bubble Safari Spacebar

Bank shots off the walls to reach those out of the way Bubbles.

Bubble Safari

With this tips, we wish you can have a better clearance for the game! If we find other tips, we'll let you know as soon as possible! Please attention!



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